Interview with Nicholaa Spencer

Hi, Nicholaa. How are you doing?
I'm fine, thank you, although I'm also a bit nervous. I am not really used to having interviews - I might say embarrassing stuff, you know? (laughs)
That is pretty normal - we also dread asking embarrassing questions (chuckles). Moving on, we know you finished an IT-related college program. What made you become an author instead?
It was some kind of a family decision when I took up Information Technology. The truth is, I never really liked computers, and my first love is writing. It was a blessing for me when after taking up IT, I found that I flourish more on my writing career.
Speaking of writing career, how exactly did you start?
I literally started out from nothing! When I published my debut novel, Marrying A Wannabe Nun, I did not shell out even a dollar. I did all the writing, editing, designing, and the marketing. That's when I realized that my IT skills are useful, too. I got to maneuver around the cover designing, formatting, and distributing all by myself. If I had to use some apps, they were all for free. I think I don't have to explain further that I cannot afford the traditional publishing and I did not have any 'connections' at the start, so I resorted to self-publishing. A year later, that was when I felt like my writing career is getting more serious. I had already built a considerable author platform and that was when I decided to take a big leap further.
Wow, that's quite a feat! Can you share with us your inspiration as you wrote Marrying A Wannabe Nun?
Sure. My inspiration were my love for Cinderella-esque, romance stories where the heroine has her hero but she still has the capability to defend herself, and also my love for Julie Garwood's earlier historical fiction works. I think what made her my role model is that she is able to write light, enchanting, enjoyable romance stories that only she can do. Her magical touch in writing captured me, and I hope that I can deliver the same magic through my works.
In what way can you relate yourself to Alynna, one of the main protagonists in your story, "Marrying A Wanna-be Nun"?
Alynna is more of a timid woman whose best friend is her conscience and her steadfast belief that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is a part of God's plans. I am more like Alynna in that sense. I always try my best to drive away the negativity in life and believe that everything will work out just fine if I believe in God and help myself. Plus, like Alynna, I don't get involved in cat fights. (laughs)
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I paint, tend my garden, walk my dogs, do freelance writing jobs, play in the kitchen and binge-watch Game of Thrones.
You love Game of Thrones too? We do, too! (laughs) Moving on, can you tell us a bit about your second novel?
Sure. My second novel is a historical romance entitled, "The Traitor's Daughter". I can't say much about it now as the book is on its last stage of writing, but here's a little treat: You will cheer, love, and hate the characters at William the Conqueror's court.
I'm sure we will! When will we get to read, "The Traitor's Daughter"?
The official release date in all ebook retailers is on December 15, 2015, but preorder is now open here in Smashwords! Smashwords users can already add The Traitor's Daughter to their libraries, while for Amazon and other ebook retailers' customers, preorder may open on October. Readers can also visit my site anytime for updates and specific dates of next preorders. I hope they are as excited as I am!
We can't wait! Lastly, what can you say to your fans out there?
Well, hello! (laughs) Thank you for all the support on my first novel, and I am hoping for the same or even better reception for "The Traitor's Daughter". I assure you that I am doing my very best to please my readers around the globe. If you can read, review, and recommend Marrying a Wannabe Nun and The Traitor's Daughter (when it's out), I'd be very thankful!
Published 2015-08-24.
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