Interview with Nicole Kiefer

What's the story behind your latest book?
Several things inspire waiting in the Wings. I am a shy person and most likely read too many horror stories and tabloids. Like most, I dream about that one Novel that puts me on the same spot as Sylvia Day, but when I think about it, there are also fears. They play part in the Novel, but also something, that is close to my heart. That no matter what you should never give up. My main character like myself has Fibromyalgia, and had to learn to work with it, to overcome it. However, mostly it is about love, the kind that just doesn’t fit and gets you trapped in a marriage, and the one that is your forever after. It also shows how the first love can impact you throughout your life.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I am actually both; I have been published the “regular” way back in Germany twice. In both cases by a small publisher but the thing is I never planned on being published or an author, didn’t think I could do it with being dyslexic and all. The publisher approached me and asked me if he could publish my work. However, what I didn’t like was that afterwards everything was out of my hands. I didn’t have a say in anything, not the cover which I didn’t like, or the editing, or anything else. As independent author, I decide what goes and what doesn’t.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The endless opportunities I guess. Reality has many limits, when writing I can remove those limits depending on what I write. In Fantasy, I can use magic and bend reality to my will. In fiction, I can make my heroine heal form a deadly sickness that in reality would have killed her. I can make the future as I like, can send my characters on a planet that I would love to find, can invent a device that make dyslexic people not dyslexic and so on. The possibilities are endless, and that is the greatest joy, to break the rules of society, nature, physic, medicine I can even rewrite history.
What influenced your writing the most?
From the top of my head, I would say my upbringing, especially my mother. See, my mom is my hero. She was born with an illness that left her penalized from birth. She never knew how it is to walk or stand or run, but my mom did everything like someone who was not in a wheelchair. I didn’t see it that way as a child, quite the opposite, because I got bullied because my mom was in a wheelchair, in addition to my own NPS and Dyslexia. There were times I hated her just because of the fact that she was in a wheelchair. However while growing up that changed I could see the strength it takes to be her. To have her own business, to raise a child, to keep the house clean all without ever asking for help. I often use that attitude in my characters, they might get knocked down, but they always get up again. Stronger and wiser than before.
How do you approach cover design?
Since I don’t have the money to pay for cover design in the moment I do it myself. Thanks to my mom, who had a print shop business until she retired I have some Idea of what I am doing. It can’t compare to what a professional brings to the table, but it’s not horrible I hope.
What do your fans mean to you?
I don’t think I have any yet, well one I know of and then my family but they don’t count they are biased in their opinion since I am the one cooking. ...laughs... Fans are great because it means they like what you are writing, so you did something good. Besides that, they are the ones putting money in my pocket, (yes I like money, who doesn’t) it means my writing touched someone. It might have given someone hope to find love, to overcome an illness or he or she might have just had a real fun time reading. That is what is important to me. If my writing even touches one life positively then that is what I wanted to do.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
There aren’t that many times I am not writing, see doing now... grin... but when I am not then I am wither reading, or working on promoting what I published. In summer times I spend a lot of time outside. I spend time as often as possible with my kids, and my animals. I have seven cats and one dog. I like to go to the movies, in the zoo when one is close, or swimming. However, most of my activity is limited to my home since I easily overexert myself and pay the next day. Oh... and I love cooking.
You mentioned several times now illnesses and disability’s do you have any?
Yes, I was born with NPS (Nail-Patella-Syndrome) which in some cases causes Dyslexia as well, besides many other things like bad teeth and a tendency to infection. Which again leads to a high risk of Fibromyalgia which I got at well. All of it forced me almost two years ago to stop working as a cook. A job I really loved, especially since I could use my German cooking skills where I worked. But being sick, living with pain every day is also inspiring. I have two illness that are considered rare, also I don’t know why since there are many that have it. But it takes inner strengths to overcome it, to still go on and work in one way or another. So I use it in my books. To raise awareness of those disability’s and to show how much it takes to live with them.
What do you read for pleasure?
Pretty much, what I write. I read romance, erotic, fantasy in all kinds of combinations. Sometimes I read a YA novel, or Robin Cook the only author I like when it comes to medical thriller. On some occasion, I will read a book about history, mostly about the Celts, Romans or Asia from the same time. When I have a new Idea in my head I will also read any book I can use for research, no matter if it is from Stephan Hawkins, Einstein or Sigmund Freud.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Oh yes I do, somehow you never forget that first book, that hook book that made you want to read more, to discover the world throughout what others write. I was pretty old I guess, already 14 when I read The Griffin by Wolfgang Hohlbein. Sadly, it’s not available in English or I would hand it to my son, he could use a hook book like that. My mom, always trying to get me to read, gave me the book when I came home from school, more or less forcing me to open it. And that was it, I started reading and the next time I looked at the clock it was five in the morning and I had read through without stopping. After that, I was a goner; books became my friends and the world I wandered in more interesting than the one I lived in. It also helped me with my Dyslexia.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
That is somewhat funny; I discover them in my bookstore... grins... When I have a keyboard under my finger, I have a hard time not to write, meaning I don’t have the patience to look through all those ads and stuff. Every time we go through the mall, where there is no keyboard, I walk by the bookstore and see books. Mostly the cover is what draws me to it, if I like the description I write it down and later by it over my E-book. I don’t use my computer often to look for books, it just never works out that way. I always run out of reading material when my computer is turned off, and on my E-book covers aren’t that impressive, all black and white. Otherwise, I often find some gem on twitter, when other authors post their work. I look them up and read into it, if I like it, I buy it.
Published 2015-03-18.
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