Interview with NoxPerpetuo

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew in the midwest United States, in suburbia, as the black sheep of a business family. I was born an outsider. I was that little girl who hated princesses and ballerinas, and instead horrified the adults by telling them I wanted to be a dragon slayer when I grew up. It angered me that the adults encouraged the other girls to dream their impossible princess / ballerina dreams, but the adults tried to shoot MY dragon slaying dreams down without a second thought. So, unlike the other girls, who are now all dumpy factory workers and definitely NOT ballerina princesses, I am still perusing my career choice as a dragon slayer. (AKA - A writer.)
When did you first start writing?
When I was seven, I wrote a poem about mountain climbing called "Alone". Eventually, I used the poem for a school assignment. My teacher got excited about it. She said it was better than she expected, and then helped me submit it to a local art / poetry contest. I won third place, which I guess was a really big deal since I was only a second-grader. (I hid the award from my parents. Things never worked out when they realized I'd won something. Somehow, when they found out I was good at something, it ended with them banning me from doing whatever it was.)
What's the story behind your latest book?
Which one? LOL I write several things at the same time. (Otherwise, I get bored.)

The Last Resort is about mythical vampires who survive the apocalypse because, well, they're immortal. The humans, their food source, don't fare so well. So, the vampires are forced to come out of hiding, as Gods, as Kings and Other Things, to gather the remaining humans into cities, encourage them to reproduce, or just to hunt them down and snack on them in the wilderness. There are no more blood banks, you see, so the old, predatory ways prevail once more. Lots of politics. Lots of philosophy. Lots of alternate history. Lots and lots of violence. That's vampires for ya!

The Trouble with Magic Swords is about Magic as a force of nature. It's a revenge story that deals with the relationship between siblings.

Dr. Suicide is a story about an immortal who poses as a homeless man. He builds what he calls "suicide machines". He considers himself a craftsman who performs an important service for his clients, but the powers that be in the city above see him a homicidal maniac. It's a story about self-discovery.

A Pill of a Different Color is a science fiction story inspired by my personal experience with crime, criminals, violence and our completely useless, broken legal system. In APDC, the criminal justice system develops a drug that causes one person to experience another person's memories as if they are their own. This is used by the establishment to punish criminals, while at the same time, the dangerous drug ends up on the street, too.

The One-Eyed Coyote is a fantasy story about a Native American girl named Scout who is entrusted with a magical object called The Eye. This object allows the owner to see the future. Things get weird, as it becomes apparent that previous owners of the object have set certain events into motion that will eventually lead to war, chaos and other magical mayhem. It's up to Scout to use the power of The Eye to stop all the power hungry bastards, past and present, from using The Eye's power for evil.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Who else gets to slay dragons at their job? No? Anyone?? Because that is part of my job. I get to slay dragons.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans have impeccable good taste. I know it, because they like me. LOL
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Aside from my daughter, I avoid other humans as much as possible. I work, and when I'm not working or writing, I read books, play video games, watch anime, read more books, eat food, and occasionally, I sleep. That's about it. Exciting, right? I'm a night creature. I'm very territorial, and I need lots of time in my own space, alone, so I can read and think and research and meditate. The only person with permission to disturb me is my daughter. If you're not her, and you disturb the quiet I need to write, you'll learn to regret it.
How do you approach cover design?
I don't bother to create or commission a cover until I've completed the whole project. Until it's done, while it's up for critique on the free sites, I use a simple cover. It's the easiest way to get a professional look without the professional price. KISS
What do you read for pleasure?
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I have a salvaged laptop. I saved it from certain destruction. It works for me now. (Mostly, it displays ebooks. LOL)
Published 2016-01-25.
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