Interview with Lily Brom

What made you decide to be a writer?
When my relationship ended, I realized part of the problem was I had nothing of my own. Writing was a solution, it is something that is mine regardless of where in the world I am, or who I am with.
Why write erotica?
When I researched becoming a writer, all the books encouraged writing about something you know. Sex, love and BDSM are topics I know well and enjoy. The research is definitely a perk!
What is your process? How do you get in the mood to write?
Most concepts are conceived while I hike, often I end up recording my thoughts at the side of a trail. I have note pads scattered in my house and car, with ideas that come to me while I'm living the good life. It was easy with the Kinky Girl series as the books were mostly based on real life. I'm in the early development of a new series, its required me to go outside my comfort zone to experience various new kinks/situations. I believe I should only write about things I'd actually be willing to try myself.
The books chronicled your past, was it difficult at times to write about lost relationships?
Yes, there were moments of tears when I reflected on the men I’ve loved. But writing gave closure too, it helped me embrace the good about each man and not think about the bad so much. I had to sit and think about why I loved them, and it really did provide me with peace in the end.
So you really are a lifestyle submissive?
Yes I am. I am entering my ninth year.
What do you say to the people who say BDSM promotes misogyny, abuse and violence against women?
First, there are male submissives and masochists so gender is irrelevant. Secondly, I make an informed and conscious choice to be a submissive masochist. I don’t need to be saved or protected from myself. Suggesting otherwise is a throwback to a patriarchal mind set, a mindset that doesn’t respect a woman’s right over her body.

Is there abuse in BDSM? As much as there is in any other sub-segment of the population. The BDSM community advocates education to disable abusers not enable them. Problems arise when people base their BDSM on fantasy, without any education or deeper thought.

I am fortunate my first Dominant was a good man, he taught me boundaries as a masochist. And how a Dominant should care for his submissive. I wish every woman entering the lifestyle meets a man like Jack.
What book are you currently reading? Do you read erotica?
I do read erotica, mostly books and short stories written by friends. My first book of erotica was My Secret Garden, a collection of women’s fantasy by Nancy Friday. I think her books helped formed my sex positive attitude.

I am currently reading The Centerfold Syndrome by Gary R Brooks.
What are you working on next?
I'm working on a non-fiction book. I’m excited about it and truly am enjoying the research. It should be available March 2015.
If you could meet any person living or dead who would it be?
Elizabeth Taylor is who I’d want to meet. She lived her life fearlessly, with all the regrets and happiness life is meant to have. She lived according to her own morality and didn’t bahaha (like a sheep) through life. She championed for AIDS awareness when it was unpopular. She supported gays even when being gay was considered abnormal by society. And anyone who provides levity in death is awesome. She made arrangements to arrive 15 minutes late for her funeral, as in life she was always 15 minutes late.
She was very human, with a beautiful soul and I would have loved to hear her stories about her life.
Published 2016-05-20.
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