Interview with Kate Loveday

Published 2018-02-23.
What kind of books do you like to read?
I like to read women's fiction - particularly romantic tales of women making their way in the world with a bit of adventure and suspense in them. I also love a good mystery/ thriller,
How did you first start writing?
I have been a reader from my early childhood, and have wanted to write ever since school days.
I made a few attempts earlier in life, but raising a family and helpingto run a family business took all my time.

Along the way I married Peter. We have a happy marriage, but our world was turned upside down when we lost two of our dearly loved family several years ago. We decided to take time out from the world, and set out to travel Australia with a large caravan and our two dogs. For how long we had no idea.

As we set out I realised that Peter would be fully occupied with getting us from place to place, looking after the rig, and indulging his passions for fishing and photography. But what was I to do while we spent leisure time in the places we visited?

After a busy life spent working I finally had time on my hands. It was the perfect time to test my writing skills, to see if I could really write. I completed a correspondence course while we travelled slowly up the east coast of Australia, and I started writing travel articles about the wonderful places we visited.

The first article I had accepted for publication was in the Caravan World magazine. It was about sighting the elusive platypus swimming in the Broken River in the Eungella National Park in Queensland .
I was over the moon to see that article in a two page colour spread, with my name beside it, and a lovely photo Peter had taken.

I published many more travel articles before switching to writing fiction. But that first article was the start of my writing career.
What do you read for pleasure?
I read mainly women's fiction, interspersed with a good few mysteries. I'm particularly fond of historical fiction, but I like to switch genres, eras and authors for variety.
I recently read a wonderful series by Kate Quinn, set in the Roman era, and also another about the Borgias. I am a Peter Robinson fan, and I enjoy reading books by other Australian authors. But I tend to browse and if a storyline appeals, I'll read it.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is 'The Trophy Wife', which is due for publication soon.
I was inspired to write it because I am appalled at the domestic violence happening all over the world today.

It is a story of love, cruelty, friendship and betrayal as a woman strives to change her life

It seemed as if it would be a fairy tale existence...
Erin McDonald is young, attractive and impressionable.
Giles Brightman is high-powered, wealthy, successful, and twice Erin's age. He wants a pretty wife to hang on his arm and bolster his ego.
He charms Erin, sweeps her off her feet and makes her feel like a princess.
But slowly Giles' dark side emerges.
As the fairytale fades Erin knows she must get away, but he won't let her go easily.
With little money of her own, and a platinum Amex card, she develops an audacious plan to give her a second chance – at Giles’ expense.
But can she make it work? Will she find happiness and fulfilment in a new life?
Could a new start in life also lead to a new love?
When did you first start writing?
I grew up with a love of books and have read compulsively since I was a child, and I always wanted to write. I wrote a few short stories in my twenties but never submitted them for publication. Then having a family and helping to run a family business consumed my time for many years, and my writing efforts were channelled into Press releases and technical writing. When I finally started to write seriously it was as therapy after the loss of my only daughter from breast cancer. It probably saved me from the depths of depression and has now become my ruling passion in life.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have found over a period of time and trial that I like to take control over my work. As an indie author I can oversee the journey of my books and make any changes I want - to cover, description, pricing and promotion.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans mean everything to me. Without them I would have no readers, no reviews, no sales. But, more than that is the wonderful satisfaction and gratitude I feel when a fan lets me know he/she enjoyed something I have written. All the hours of thinking, writing , poring over every word and re-writing, and editing and more re-writing, are suddenly worth it. My fans are what keep me writing!
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I discover them from from word of mouth recommendations, and their cover and description online. I also watch for new books by authors I have enjoyed, and by reading reviews on Goodreads and other platforms.
Do you draw on your own experiences for your books?
I suppose all writers draw on their own experiences in life. I have I led a full life, having worked as an office manager, a beauty/ natural therapist and a freelance travel writer before i became a fiction writer.

I have had two marriages and raised three children. I have run my business in company with my husband for many years, both in Adelaide and Sydney,.

I have known happiness, heartbreak and tragedy, so I suppose you could say I’ve had plenty of experiences in life, both good and bad and, yes, I draw on those experiences to create characters that my readers care about, whether it is to love or to hate, and to fashion situations that readers believe in and empathise with.
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