Interview with Pamela Cummins

Published 2013-08-23.
When did you first start writing?
Writing is in my genes! My father, Walter Cummins, taught English literature, is an author, editor, and has a small publishing house. How could I not write? I even published a poem about the sun in a small magazine when I was a child. I was always good at writing and reading in school. Algebra is another story! I could never understand why x+y = xy mattered?
Why do you write non-fiction about relationships, self-growth, and spirituality?
I really love reading fiction and hope one day to write a fiction book. At this time in my life I am guided to write non-fiction. I am a Libra, the sign of relationships, which is why I have always been fascinated with relationships, especially love relationships. When I was in junior high, it was incredible how many of my fellow students wrote in my yearbook – “If all the boys lived across the sea what a good swimmer Pamela would be.” So true!

Unfortunately, when I was younger I had some very unhealthy and painful relationships. The good news is these experiences made me look inside of me to grow and discover my own spirituality. I discovered the more I did this, the better all my relationships became. I love writing and teaching the techniques and lessons that helped me and my clients. My hope is to prevent unnecessary pain for my readers, to create more self-love for themselves, and have better relationships in general. If they find, “The One,” from my eBooks that is a HUGE JOY for me!
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have always been a rebel at heart. At one time I attempted to write a book proposal in hopes of finding a publisher. They wanted me to give a summary of each chapter, which was so difficult for me to do. I figured if I do a summary, I might as well write the chapter. The other thing that was hard for me to accept is the publisher would tell me how the book should be written. And they would choose the title and book cover regardless of what my feelings were about it. It would not be my creation but theirs. After all my hard work I would be compensated with a very tiny percentage.

When I first read about Smashwords my inner-rebel was rejoicing! I could sing the Frank Sinatra song, “I did it my way.” I also like the way Smashwords really supports Indie authors. Add the fact that they only take a small percentage of the eBook made it a win, win.
What do your fans mean to you?
I am uncomfortable with the word fans and prefer supporters. Supporters are the reason I write. I love to hear a reader say that something I have written helped them and changed their lives for the better! It makes all the hard work I put into an eBook worth it.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My bladder, two cats, and a parakeet get me out of bed each morning. The reason I do not crawl back into bed is I am doing the work that makes my heart sing! I am very lucky and grateful to be doing my life’s calling.
How do you spend your free time?
I am a crazy cat lady and love spoiling my kitties. I spend time with my boyfriend, family, and friends. I enjoy escaping into fiction eBooks, especially fantasy and smut – I mean romance. Other ways I have fun: learning, walking, yoga, listening to music, watching Netflix, eating healthy, and occasionally eating something really yummy and unhealthy.
If you had a magic wand, how would you change the world?
I would eliminate everyone’s insecurities, greed, fears, prejudice, and negative thinking. In the second wave of the wand – I would fill them up with self-love, open hearts, positive thoughts, and love and respect for all beings on the planet. What a wonderful planet that would be! I can dream can’t I?
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