Interview with Pamela L. Newton

What was your influence?
My mom was a huge influence. She was a terrific storyteller! I was also influenced by the authors whose stories I loved to read, but again, with thanks to my mother who developed a love for reading in all my sisters and me.
When did you discover you wanted to write?
For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed creating stories, reading stories and writing. My mom told me about a time when I went with my sister, Kathy, to her preschool. I was about 2 ½. When Mom came to pick us up, the teacher was amazed by the fact that I kept all the “older” children (all about 4 years old) engrossed by telling a series of stories. She told my mom that I would be a writer one day and to please bring me back anytime. In the 6th grade, I wrote a collection of poems dedicated to Miss Sheedy, a teacher I adored, and she gave me great encouragement. But somewhere along the way, I got involved in business and the entertainment industry and put my writing on hold. I thought of writing as a hobby, not a profession.

I have had the idea to write about my family’s unusual life for more than 20 years. I even went so far as to ask my mom and a couple of her friends to record tapes of family stories while I collected letters and researched the unusual places and times in which we lived. I was always so busy in my jobs so that I started and stopped a lot, never really making much progress.

That has all changed now. I have a wonderful group of friends and professionals who are lending their expertise in support of this project, and most importantly, I have made it a priority having finally found a way forward that feels right.
What was the most surprising thing you learned writing about your mom?
I kept being amazed at how clever she was, kept her cool and made remarkable decisions under some pretty challenging circumstances. It wasn’t like she could call her mom and ask, “Hey, I’m in the middle of a revolution and my husband’s missing, what should I do?” Perhaps what I realized most is something I knew but had never given voice to, and that is that she was also a multi-faceted person. In my life, she was always my much loved and respected mother. But in her stories I found a more complete woman, with a proper first name, Lorraine, who was also a wife and a friend.

I think some other things I learned were about me and the ways she influenced me that I had not seen before. I can list so many gifts my mom gave me, some intended and some not so much. In the end, there is no other mother that I would like to have had than this woman who gave me life. My Mom.
What is the tone of your book? Uplifting? Inspirational?
I hope people who read it will find it inspirational and fun, giving pause for some thought about their own wonderful mothers and the journeys we have all undertaken with our moms by our sides.
What was the BEST advice your mom gave you?
“To have a friend, you’ve got to be a friend.”
What did you admire most about your mother?
Her adventurous spirit. This small town girl from Duluth, Minnesota wanted to see the world and by gosh, if she didn’t make it happen.
Why did you wait so long to write this book?
I wish I knew. Looking back, I feel sad that my mom isn’t here to see it done. I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator. Then again, perhaps, I just wasn’t ready for this journey. I do know that this is a different book than the one I would have written 20 years ago. It could just be, in actuality, now is the perfect time.
What do you hope readers will take away from reading this book?
I hope the readers will hear in the telling of my mother’s stories and the lessons I learned, the story they have in their own relationship with their mother… recognizing their mothers’ gifts to them and seeing their struggles in a new light. After all, we are our mothers’ sons and daughters. There is no escaping it. This book is designed to be “re-gifted”. Read it, write in it, and give it to your own mom with gratitude.
Published 2018-04-25.
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