Interview with Joanna Oznowicz-Davis

What got you interested in Smash Words?
I have a writer friend who does a lot of his work through Smash Words. I had an account a while back, but my writing was on the back burner, back then.
Does your writing have a specific cause?
DEFINITELY! In the next year, I'm planning on working on a trilogy dealing with social issues like domestic abuse and abortion. NOT what you call 'bedtime reading' but it's something my personal experience had insisted on. The stories won't be strictly biographical, more in the idea of "I WISH" .

For now, I'm working on "Poirot" fan fiction , based on the character in the novels and series. You asked if my writing has a cause? This DOES! Y.A. writer Judy Blume said, in a Master class, "You will be living with these people for years. You have BETTER feel for them" . If a fiction writer writes for ANY other reason than the love of the story and characters, they shouldn't bother.
Could you elaborate?

I've learned, the hard way, that agatha christie was more interested in making HERSELF a literary celebrity, on the same plateau with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (who wrote the Sherlock Holmes series) than she was, in writing for the love of telling stories. The tragic irony is that she ended be tactful, HEAVILY MODELING Poirot after Holmes. The man and the series. And I've discovered four COMMON POINTS between Holmes and Poirot. Take it for what it's worth. ... If you're a Sherlock Holmes fan or your readers might be both Holmes and Poirot fans, they may see the parallel

1) BOTH detectives are....less than modest about their skills and career accomplishments. This is NOT a slam against either. Simply an observation.

2) BOTH Holmes and Poirot would get ....antsy when they haven't had a case in a while. They'd be moody or take to their bed. They needed the mental stimulation of a tough case to solve.

3) BOTH super-sleuths had a competitive working relationship with their Scotland Yard liason , Chief Inspectors Lastrade and Japp. Both Lastrade and Japp felt threatened by them , initially, but learned to work with the detectives over time.

4) Both Holmes and Poirot have been known to work even when they're ill.

Any ONE of those four points could be called a COINCIDENCE. Maybe even two. But all four? Me thinks NOT.

Point 1 is where christie slammed Poirot, referring to hims as a 'CONCEITED CREEP' and DETESTABLE (deserving of HATE) . I am REBUKING christie's abuse of the character by giving him the respect she didn't care to.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I love getting involved in the lives of other characters, but I'm also very interested in, pardon the pun, "righting wrongs" committed by other authors. One in particular, but I'll get to that in a future question. So, right now, I'm actually writing fan fiction. I realize I can't post it for publication, in the traditional sense, but it is available for reading on my blog site.
Who are your favorite authors?
I have a few, and I'm adding more to the group.

* JP Mac , whom I've read on Smashwords. His ebooks include Jury Doody , The Little Book of Big Enlightenment. Paperback edition, Fifty Shades of Zane Grey is my faves of his. And, of course, his written episodes of Pinky and the Brain .

* Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell for The Disaster Artist { The story behind The Room~ The Greatest Bad Movie ever Made! }. On a par with some of the biggest miracles of the Bible, just getting that movie (The Room) made was nothing shy of H.T.F did this happen?! By the same token, it is POSITIVELY INSPIRATIONAL. Any writer down on their writing talents would do well to see The Room and then read The Disaster Artist. After that, they'll scribble to their hearts' content.

*James Bowen ("Street Cat Named Bob" ) How two desperate souls gave each other a Second chance. I've got nearly the entire collection, including "Wisdom from a Streetwise Cat"

I also like Stephen King stories and the Left Behind series (Jerry B. Jenkins).
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Right now, my 'day' job, which is actually an evening job and paying the bills and rent. I'm thinking, too, that MOTIVATION is a more accurate word for now.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Working, sleeping or reading. On weekends, if it's nice out, it's a real temptation to be outside rather than stuck at my computer.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
My Smashwords friend, JP Mac had written a couple of stories that I HAD to read. Jury Doody and Little Book of Big Enlightenment . I really have to get them again!
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story I ever wrote was in grade 5. It was for a class assignment and my story was called, "The Truth about Room 19" . It was my first success and was published in the school Newspaper. WHY I didn't save it, I don't know. Don't even ASK how far back that was!
What is your writing process?
Basically, if I have an idea, I sketch it out in a notebook...of which I have....too many. Then I let it go for a bit and come back to it, months later and see if it still clicks for me.

As far as getting a story finished, I've discovered the importance of setting deadlines. Each of the stories in my collection "The Execution of Agatha Christie" took about a month or so to commit to my blog page. I've got one more story to write, and then, for August, I want to do all my proof reading/revising and have the entire project committed to a document page and pdf format by the end of September.

To that end, I SQUEAL on myself and tell people what I want to get done and when. By holding myself accountable, I'm more motivated to get things done.
Where would you like to be, as a writer, five years from now?
On Oprah's Book of the Month club; talking about the trilogy getting made into three movies. I have one idea for a story that hasn't left me.... "First Time. Last Time" about a woman who kills her boyfriend by tossing his electric shaver in the tub with him. after he hit her and kept her under house 'arrest' all weekend. After she kills him she goes to the police and turns herself in.

For the movie version, I actually imagine Alison Arngrim and Melissa Gilbert (Nellie Olsen and Laura Ingalls-Wilder . Melissa would play the court appointed attorney for Alison's character, who doesn't want a lawyer. I would LOVE to see that. And after thinking about The Disaster Artist, I think, "WHY NOT?"
Published 2019-07-03.
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