Interview with Paul Coover

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I had to become an Independent author or this story would not have been told. I spent years taking the photographs. I contacted scientists, media, newspapers and I soon found out this story was too deep and too unusual. This story was censored. One TV station in particular, called the police on me when I dropped off a printed copy of one of my photos. I had dropped off a photo with the receptionist and went to my car. Then about twenty people came boiling out of the building to get a look at me. It seems someone thought my photographs were news worthy. I later heard from someone who works there that the word handed down was that my photographs were made up. This couldn't be further from the truth. I faced distortions, lies, censorship and suppression by omission. No one would show you these true, amazing photographs.Also the context surrounding these photos needed to be preserved....the story told.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords has had everything to do with the success of this book. Mark Coker is a small planetary chunk of what makes America great. Several years ago, there was no The knowledge and skills involved in publishing were stashed away where people couldn't get them. Publishers picked out the winners and the losers. Additionally, the money needed to publish a book was reserved for authors that could make a bundle of money. The truth or importance of a story was not important to publishing houses. Smashwords brought the tools of publishing to real people . Now independent authors appear on the best sellars lists. Smashwords is selling my books in India.....and the rest of the world.
I can't say enough good about Smashwords and it's founder Mark Coker. You can see his tutorials on u tube. I love the guy. It might actually be foolish to publish with anyone else. E books are forever......Print books get shipped back to you in a certain period of time....then you owe the publisher.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I write nonfiction. I really dig the truth. I need the truth. The truth is not a burden unless we are surrounded by liars. When NASA airbrushes their photographs--that's not the truth. When the "Free Press" will not show true photographs.....that's not the truth. When I wrote this book, I did an end run around the gatekeepers, the censors and the liars. To me that's worth more than a million bucks
The people who believed in the flat earth were popes and kings and scientists......the very best folks. But they were wrong. Now, each individuals' opinions are equal in value to mine. That said, eleven thousand true words designed like a algebraic proof with thirty eight supporting true photographs goes a long way toward evidence that supports my opinion.
This causes joy for me. I have the debunkers and liars that surround me "right where I want them" with this book. I have them by the short hair. History will conclude that I am correct and they were wrong or even liars. I don't care. They told the lies...they can suffer the consequences. But I'm on the job and I'm taking names and kicking butt. What a joyous occasion. Finally , I thought about this book for four years. I took the photographs for years before that. I wanted to explain these Orbs like I was trying to tell my friend about them. I thought about this for years. What is truly amazing is my final product. This book 'Odessa's Orbs,The Photographs The Free Press Won't Let You See' turned out so amazingly that I am forced to admit that I had help from God, angels....from somewhere....your words here / we are just mincing words here....I call it the other side. The near perfection of this book is a source of real joy. How could I do such a thing? I couldn't have written this book without Odessa my dog.....She found and chased these living things. That was the beginning of this whole story. I live in an enchanted place with these perfect animals and a perfect wife . I'm just sharing the joy that I already have. Thank you God...Thank you Jesus...Thank you Holy Spirit (s?)
What do your fans mean to you?
I have no fans, only a few supporters. I have managed to keep the flat earth people at bay. But people seem reluctant to click like when it implies that they believe me. (How many people can really see my posts?) Many people are waiting for the dust to clear--to see who has won the debate. They have jobs, bosses, children in local schools, teachers for their children, PTA meetings, neighbors. In short my supporters are laying low. I'm standing up and leading the charge. If only a couple people rise up and follow.....that's all I get. It's a lucky thing that people can read this in the privacy of their own homes and the privacy of their own thoughts. People will try to tell you what to think. I tell you what I think. If you can think for yourself and you can see clearly, this book is for you.
What are you working on next?
I have a book on making custom carbon steel malleare knives and axes in the works. I'm a knife maker, my grandfather was a blacksmith and we always made knives for fun. I was too young to work on the big grinders so they let me work in the forge.
Also a book on stone age axes from an Osage / Caddo Area. I find stone age axes where I live and they have my full attention. Another book in the Odessa's Orbs series will be called Odessa's Orbs, Spheres Of Influence.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
After six hours of sleep I am in agony and have to get up. When I broke my collar bone I had to sleep in a chair for a month.. I got the best Orb photos in my life then. I highly recommend agony. I don't want any nor should you. But your mind goes at about a thousand miles an hour when you are in agony. When I do get up I have fun. I try to enjoy life and take part to the fullest.
What do you read for pleasure?
Marine, the life of Lewis B. Puller,Time Enough For Love, by Robert A. Heinlein, Soldier by Anthony Herbert, Books by Bradford Angier on survival, camping, gold mining etc. The Holy Bible and all the Louis Lamoore westerns. I read Barrie Trower on microwave and cell phone industry. I can and do read anything.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I do some logging and sawing of timber, some building, gardening, I'm a shepherd, I fish and love camping and canoeing.
I weld and make knives and axes in my forge. I love to spend time with my perfect wife Patricia G. Curry and Odessa and the rest of my perfect animals. I also spend a lot of time on U tube collecting knowledge. I have a few close friends. I sometimes visit social media. I have a blog on and I work on my cars and equipment. I'm not Bored. My wife says I'm never boring. I find that bored people often are boring. Also let's not forget my stone age axes. That really has my attention. I live in a virtual petting zoo. Sheep, bunnies, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs....and my wife who I adore.
Published 2014-08-19.
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