Interview with S Patrick Prate

What motivated you to become an indie author?
I recently retired from trucking. Most of my days were 12 hours long, from the time I got up to when I parked for the night. Suddenly, I didn;t have to do that any more. I visited coffee shops and the library to pass the time and told stories of my exploits to anyone who would listen. Several people told me I should write them down, so I did.
What are you working on next?
I'm working on story about a wealty couple form Los Angles who buy property in the gold country north of Sacramento to use for vacations. The locals think it's haunted by pevious owners, who died mysteriously.
What is your writing process?
I tend to write about things i know, but give it a twist, like O. Henry or Alfred Hitchcock.
Why did you decide to use the locations you chose?
I opened my log books and found a good starting point. From there, I consolidated several trips to make an enjoyable story.
What was the inspiration for some of the violent scenes?
My memory. Trucking over-the-road is very dangerous. They all happened to me, at one time or another. I just made the circumstances fit the story.
Have friends and family read the book?
Yes. I rely heavily on the input from them. They have given me excellent advice during the writing process.
How long did take to write the book?
Since this is my first novel, I had many pitfalls to overcome. It took me about two years. I hope the next one goes quicker.
Did you stick to a set schedule?
Not really. I tried to write or do research at least six hours a day, but frequently, I was interrupted by people or events.
If this was a movie, who do you think would the lead?
If I had to choose, it would be Matt Passmore.
How did you choose the title?
When I started writing, I had to name the file in my computer, so I called it Trucker's Adventure. Several people thought it sounded rather boring. Later, I came up with Semi-Sleuth, because of the the semi truck and trying to solve a crime. When I sent things over to get final cover art done, the artists had mis-givings about that title, and came up with the current title. I didn;t object, since this was how they made their money. If they weren't good, they'd be broke.
Did family members pique your interest in writing and story-telling?
Yes, several, in fact. I was raised in and near Chicago, Illinois. My grandmother and mother would frequently take me and my sister into the city for shopping trips.On the long boring train or streetcar rides, they taught us how to "conversation snatch."

This game involves listening to an exchange of several sentences between two other people, then making up a story about those two. Much fun and very time consuming. I still do it all the time.
Published 2014-02-17.
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