Interview with Sasha Pruett

When do you know you wanted to be a writer?
When I was seventeen I kept having a recurring dream and for me the only way to stop having one of my recurring dreams was to play it out as a full story either on paper or in my mind. So I was running through the story idea and I thought about all the other story ideas that I had and I decided to make a list of them. When I was through I had over twenty solid story lines. That's when it hit me, "Maybe this is what I'm supposed to be doing."
How long have you been writing?
I've been writing stories since I could put pencil to paper in elementary school it has always been something that I just did as a part of who I was; who I am.
How long did it take to write you first novel?
About nine years.
Is that about average for you?
Not at all. During those nine years I moved four times and my manuscript spent quite a bit of time packed up. Add to that the annoying loss of my computer three times, once due to a lightning strike, that led to months of down time.
How long does it normally take to write a novel?
That depends on how much research I do to prepare for it. I like a degree of accuracy and sometimes I spend as much time on research as I do writing. Book one of the Costly Obsession Trilogy took about nine years as explained earlier, book two took about two and a half because of research, and book three took about three years due another move.
What is your process? How does an idea make it from a concept to a full novel?
First of course is the idea. Then I usually write a short treatment describing the idea. It could be a short sentence or it could be a thirty to forty page outline. Once I've chosen it as my next book I'll write a rough draft on loose leaf paper or in a notebook. Once I have my rough draft completed I'll transfer it onto my computer fleshing it out, then I print and edit, retype, print and edit. You know wash, rinse repeat.
You write it out long handed?
I have my short cuts like all writers do, but yes the majority of it is written out.
How do you get your ideas? What inspires you?
About 95% of my story lines come from my dreams. I'm a lucid dreamer which allows for amazing experiences that I flesh out into stories very easily.
So was the Costly Obsession Trilogy based on dreams as well?
Absolutely they are based on a dream I had when I was about five years old. Without wanting to reveal too much the main connecting storyline and the final novel, especially the last few chapters were extremely close to my original dream.
That's kind of a gruesome dream for a five year old? Do your dreams scare you?
No, not really. I learned to control them from a very early age and since I know I'm dreaming I also know that there's nothing to be afraid of no matter what I'm experiencing. I also like to find out how things will turn out so I pretty much go with the flow so to speak. Kind of like first person virtual reality.
Was the Costly Obsession trilogy the first idea you had for a novel?
No Costly Obsession was actually the tenth book idea that I had on the list I had mentioned about though it was one of the earliest, it just happened to be the story that had the most detail and once I started it I couldn't stop writing. The very first was a dream I had when I was about nine involving a murderous child's toy donated to s church yard sale. I told my father all about it and he said that it would make a good book and my response was, "Yeah, I'm gonna write it into a book one day." I had no idea what that would lead to. It wasn't until about eight years later that I went back and started thinking about all of the impressionable dreams I had had through the years that would make interesting books. To sum it up, the earliest dream I thought would make a good book turned out to be the first books I wrote, but the one that triggered the idea of writing, I didn't "dream up" until years later.
In your profile your books are listed a Christian Horror, what exactly is that?
You mean beside a strange concept?
Exactly, it seems almost oxymoronic.
Just because you give your life to Christ doesn't mean you automatically stop liking what you may view as "no longer fit" for you, such as your music tastes or those heart pumping thrillers. What does happen is a sensitivity to things such as bad language, especially blasphemy, and descriptive sexual content. I loved a well written horror story, but the language and such would ruin even the best of stories and some authors I had to abandon all together because it was so extreme. That's where Christian Horror comes in, enticing tales without the language and other things that really isn't necessary to a good story.
What about the violence? Isn't that anti-Christian?
One of the foundations of Biblical Christianity is the existence of God and Satan as living and eternal entities that are active in this world and our lives and Heaven and Hell as real tangible places that are in our future, one or the other, not mythical or concepts adopted to scare or marginally influence mankind. This being said, Hell is a violent, torturous, monstrous place that is forever; period and Satan and his minions will stop at nothing to destroy mankind whether through blatant destruction and demonic sleight of hand. Violence is all around us whether seen or unseen and to deny that is doing more disservice than anything. The Holy Bible itself is filled with war, death, plagues, murders, tortures and more. Jesus himself was beaten until unrecognizable then marched through the streets and crucified. That's pretty violent and if you think that's bad you should read Revelations.
How many story ideas do you have?
I lost count somewhere around 120, but that's a very fluid number. Some ideas I have get combined as chapters for another book or some get split in two and of course I'm always adding to it as new ideas emerge.
Will all your books be Christian Horror?
No, not at all. I have many different genres that I write including Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, and Adventure. Some will be faith based and others are just good reads.
Your new novel that was previewed in Unleashed the final book of the Costly Obsession Trilogy, From Darkness, what's the premise for that?
It's the story of a heavy metal singer's journey through Hell and how it affected his and the life of his family.
When will it be released?
God willing I'd like to get it released Fall of 2015.
Was From Darkness also based on one of your dreams?
No, just a wondering question. What would it take?
Who are your favorite authors?
Jane Austen
William Shakespeare
Terri Blackstock
Suzanne Collins
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Beside taking care of my husband, home, and pets I have a multitude of hobbies including, reading, gaming, music (listening to, playing and writing), knitting, quilting, crocheting, sewing, painting, crafting, tatting, and so on.
Published 2014-08-05.
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