Interview with Qusay Al Ansari

1. How would you present your book “The Bells of the Fourth Planet” to the world?
A different theory on where we came from told through an interesting and dynamic tale of love, loss and adventure. It’s the story of a man tormented by everything unjust happening in the world today, who then unexpectedly gets the opportunity to view it all from a wider point of view.
2. Was writing this book your first writing experience?
I have written a lot before. But, since I’ve spent the first 20 something years of my life in a country when publishing laws were very strict and what was published was under control of the country, so I just wrote for my own enjoyment. Then I started my career as a Civil Engineer and moved across the world so writing got on the back burner. This is the first book that got me back into it, rekindled my love for writing and storytelling, and it so happened that I finished and published it which makes me very happy.
3. What inspired you to start writing?
I started writing this book in a time of crisis. It became my relief and I soon discovered that great beauty can come out of great sadness. I came out of my crisis long before the book was even halfway done, but I pressed on with it none the less. By then I had already remembered how much I love that release of writing down your thoughts and creating something, and at times, I had even began feeling like there’s a greater force pushing me to go forth, or even go in certain directions with the story. It might sound strange but I’ve felt like that many times while writing this book.
4. Are experiences described in the book based on events in your own life, or the life of someone you know?
Vaguely, a little bit here and there, and maybe more so some of the characteristics of the main protagonist and his thoughts than actual events described. But, it is all coated in layers of science fiction and fantasy which I found were best for making the core of the story more appealing and easier to digest in a sense.
5. Is there a message in your novel that you would like readers to grasp?
There are many messages in the novel I would hope readers will take from it. Everyone can find something that resonates with them and that they can relate to. The fantasy story line I create is interesting and exciting and thrilling, so I realize that is what most will come for, but if they end up digging a bit deeper and getting even more out of the story then the thrills, I’d consider I managed to do what I intended.
6. How would you describe your own writing style?
While I do think the story itself is pretty complex and multidimensional I try to presented in a manner that is dynamic and not overly pretentious. It can either make for a light reading or something more, it’s entirely the reader’s choice how much depth they chose the view.
7. Any writing rituals?
There are so many! The biggest one I have is that always write while listening to music. I draw inspiration from music a lot, and find that different songs easily get me in different moods I need to be in when writing.
8. Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
Yes, mostly a lot about myself. Writing is something very intimate I feel, and you’re almost forced to face your own inner workings. Regardless of the fact that the piece I wrote is fiction, the process of putting something you’re worked up entirely onto paper is a revealing one.
9. How do you feel about possibly adapting your story to the screen?
If the chance arises, and the circumstances are right, I’d be very excited to see that through.
10. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
If you are reading this it means you got interested in knowing more about this book and its author, which then means you’re one of the ones who will peal the layers! Hopefully you find something you like!
Published 2015-07-22.
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