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I love your writing, where do you get all of your ideas? Do they just come to you or do you sit each day and try to think up ideas? How do you manage to write so much (for free, no less) and be a mom and take care of a house and family?
First off, thank you so very much. I am so glad you are enjoying everything! In terms of my ideas, if they aren't prompts sent in, they are usually inspired by either dreams I have or stories I imagine to a particular song. Music has always been a really wonderful muse for me, and has always had a dominant place in my life.

As far as writing and keeping up with a family and a home, it's all about time management. My son is in preschool a couple morning a week and still taking naps, so those are usually writing times, and the time that he is awake is split between helping him along in his learning and maintaining a house that I pray doesn't go up in smoke some days. Really, it just boils down to the idea that, if you cherish it, you will make time for it.
Would you like to be a full time writer? What is your favorite genre to write and fave to read?
I would absolutely love to be a full-time writer. Whether I could make it a full-blown career, or something that just supplements the income we already have, being able to contribute monetarily with my writing would be a fabulous thing. In terms of favorite genres, I am a fan of the slow-burn romance novels and the fast-paced psychological books, and, coincidentally, that's what I enjoy writing as well!
How did you go about getting your book published?
Besides this beloved site, I also enlisted the help of a helpful guide Smashwords provides with step-by-step rules on formatting. This wonderful website, as well as KDP Amazon, provides amazing resources to make it as easy as possible to publish eBooks in any format you desire. They are wonderful tools!
If all food came in ice cream form (and tasted the exact same as it would regularly) would you eat meals this way, or not even try it?
What an awesome question. The answer probably is that I would be hesitant at first. But, I mean, come on. It's ice cream. And I would be hungry. I would come around eventually.
I know this is weird, but what is your favorite thing to do?
It's not weird at all! Besides writing, I really enjoy crocheting. I guess I just enjoy making beautiful and interesting things seemingly out of nothing. There's something very...soothing about that idea. About creating something unique and all your own. I suppose I've always been drawn to those types of ideas.
How did you meet your hubby?
Online! Like most couples nowadays meet, my husband and I first met online and talked for a bit before meeting up for coffee for the first time.
What is something cool that happens in your town?
Well, there was a Christmas tree lighting ceremony not too long ago, and there were choirs and small vocal groups, as well as local food truck vendors and Santa for the kids to meet! It was a really neat experience, and definitely reminded me of some of those small-town scenes in movies and television shows.
When did you start writing?
I wrote a lot as a teenager, and it was mostly poetry. I took a creative writing course in high school, but left it behind in college in favor of my studies. But, once I graduated, I picked it back up again when I realized exactly how much I missed it and how desperate I was for the artistic release after no longer constantly being in a music school.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I wanted to show that, even behind the eyes of someone that is strong, there usually lies someone with questions and defenses and insecurities. I wanted to show that strength doesn't happen because one hasn't encountered anything, but that one has encountered so much that they have learned to adapt. I also wanted to show that living with these questions and inner anxieties doesn't mean you can't be loved and respected by those around you, because I think so many more people in this society relate to a character that is cut from that type of cloth.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Seeing people smile when they read it. For me, reading is all about ripping you from your present scenario and tossing you into another one. I live for the reinvigorated sighs that come from a really good, vivid trip in another world. Seeing my writing elicit that from someone is the greatest compliment I can be paid, as an author.
Published 2016-12-12.
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