Interview with Robert Johnson

How do you approach cover design?
I feel that the cover design is just as important as the story its self. The cover is needed to draw in readers and should be used to give the readers an idea of what the story is about. In a way, the cover tells its own story.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I use my iPad and iPhone to read e-books.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
I am just starting out so I have no book marketing techniques at this time. Give me a few books and a few months and I will update this question.
Describe your desk
Large solid oak, covered in papers and books with just enough room for my printer, laptop and an extra monitor.
When did you first start writing?
I started writing years ago, sharing stories with friends. In school I was forced to write papers and grew to enjoy the writing experience. Now I am looking forward to writing for my own pleasure.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have been told for years that I should be writing my stories for sale. With the changes in technology I feel it is now time to share my stories with others. Being my own boss and author should be fun and interesting.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Many of the e-books I have read in the past few years were published through Smashwords, and a lot of the research I conducted said that this was one of the best company's to use for publishing your own books.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Knowing that other people enjoy reading what I have written.
What do your fans mean to you?
Without fans I will not be able to be a successful author.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The desire to use the restroom.
Published 2015-06-20.
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