Interview with Rajeev Kurapati

What inspired you to write Unbound Intelligence: Discover the God Within?
Since childhood, I’ve been curious about why people believe in the things they do, especially the belief in God. I spent countless hours trying to under understand the various philosophical and spiritual traditions in an attempt to find the answers to the transcendent nature of life.”

It wasn’t until my early thirties that I the world started to make sense to me. I experienced an epiphany that made me realize the true essence of all life. It was then that I first began to write down my various revelations. I wanted to share with others the contentment I was experiencing from this new enlightened outlook – and so the book was born.
Talk about your background, what lead you up to writing Unbound Intelligence?
I am Board Certified in Family Medicine and works in a Hospital-based practice at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern KY. Beyond the science of medicine, I attempt to truly understand human nature – why do we feel the way and behave the way we do. I believe that behind every belief and behavior, there is logic. If we can understand the most basic reason behind various ways of life, including our own, we can accept differences, and perhaps more importantly, accept ourselves.
What is the mission, main goal or focus of your book?
Enlightenment, as it is popularly known, is often a state placed on a pedestal, as if only “rare, great men and women” can achieve such revelations. Most of the time, our creative inquiry into the transcendent is handicapped only by the inertia left by past generations. With Unbound Intelligence, I want readers to see how anyone, with sincere dedication, can come to know the core reality of all life. The answers to the most complicated questions we ponder in life are most often surprisingly simple. By looking within, you’ll find everything you need to know – your Unbound Intelligence that you’ve been equipped with all along.
What exactly is Unbound Intelligence about?
In Unbound Intelligence, I examine the most significant facets of human life: love, relationships, God, religion, consciousness and various social constructs. By systematically inquiring into these identity-defining traits, I was able to arrive at the reality of things, and for once in my life, to see things for what they were, not for how I had been taught to regard them. There are so many traditions and routines in our lives that we take for granted as timeless – religion, relationships, norms. They become habitual, mindless acts. With this book, I invite readers to really look into why we partake in these ways of life and remind readers of the logic behind their origin. These routines serve a purpose – sometimes we just have to remind ourselves why we are doing the things we do so that we can truly reap all of the benefits from our behavior.
How has your experiences as a physician impacted this book?
Being in constant touch with people helps me understand the complex workings of man and his mind. As a doctor, I get the unique opportunity to be around people in their most vulnerable moments. It is in these moments that I see the most organic side of people. From my experiences as a doctor, I’ve come to realize that every person, at their deepest core, is not much different from one another. We are all driven by the same desires – the desire to live, thrive and leave a lasting legacy. This will to thrive drives our decision making. This fundamental understanding helped me to watch human tendencies at a deeper level. I was able to examine many aspects of an individual and eventually arrive at the core essence of every being. I call this force the Unbound Intelligence. From the moment I came to understand this fact, I was blessed with a contentment that I had only dreamed of – an inner peace that I knew I needed to share with the world.
What makes Unbound Intelligence unique?
This book examines how to look at ourselves and the world around us through a clear lens, devoid of outside influences. What exactly do we want in life? How should we go about getting it? And, ultimately, what is our life’s greater purpose?”

Rather than providing theories or doctrines, the book expands awareness through an emphasis on personal inquiry and self-reflection. Unbound Intelligence takes readers on a journey that explores what makes us who we are alongside a brief history of all that we’ve become.

Unlike many books of its kind, Unbound Intelligence allows readers to discover truths not just by memorizing prose, but by truly coming to realize the answers they’ve been chasing. It allows readers to not develop new or existing beliefs, but to come to know truths.
How do you think readers will react to your work? Why is it important for people to read your book?
The response I’ve received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. So far, reviewers have found it to be insightful and practical. I think readers will experience “a-ha moments” throughout. There is something about telling people what they already know that truly inspires them. It’s about exploring what you know and how to use it.

It encourages open mindedness, self-inquiry and contemplation. I want people to walk away from the book as their best selves. The book encourages readers to strip away their self-imposed confined identities and come to know who they truly are and what their purpose is. There is nothing in the world more powerful than that.
What is your favorite thing about your writing?
That it connects all the pieces of human life into an aggregate whole and puts the person in perspective to the rest of existence. It allows readers to know how they fit into the puzzle of life. It evokes a sense of purpose, peace and belonging. If people walk away feeling more content than before they opened the book, I know I’ve succeeded.
What are you looking to accomplish through your writing?
By uniting the wisdom of spiritual traditions, the theories of science, and the nature of biology, I strive to empower readers to better understand the complex workings of man and his mind to discover their truest, best self.
Talk about your blog and what inspired your to start one? What has been the response to it?
The blog is a natural extension of my thoughts and insights on topics I discuss in the book. My blogging helps me to gauge what topics readers are truly interested in – what makes them really think? What ideas inspire them the most? Like mentioned earlier, my work has been picked up by many popular online and print publications. My post popular post, “What do meditation and sex have in common,” went viral with thousands of shares, which was incredibly exciting!
What are your goals and aspirations with your writing career? Future plans?
I see writing as a medium to express my understanding about the mind and spirituality, just like I speak about these topics. Writing has become a large part of who I am and a part of my daily routine. I’d love for as many people to consume my work as possible. My goal is to share what has made me happy. I want everyone to no longer view the ladder to happiness as one of infinite rungs. Happiness is real, it is possible, and truly attainable. My future plans include more writing and speaking engagements to continue to spread my message.
Published 2014-05-04.
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