Interview with Ford G Carter

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I've grown up in many places. At the moment, I still live at home with my parents (I have only just turned sixteen in July, 2013). I have lived in so many places, met so many people, and seen so many things already at my age. I have friends who have lived in the same place their entire lives, and I think of how bad that must have been. And this definitely has influenced my writing. Of course, at the moment (late-August, 2013) I haven't published much, but there is certainly quite a lot to come, with a lot of morals and stories to tell.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Ah - this is the best question I could ever have imagined. The greatest joy for me about writing is almost impossible for me to put into words - it's just that difficult. Maybe it's the fact that I can change this realistic world, or make my own fictional one. It's a place where I am dominant over others - and I have complete control of every aspect of everything. It is a place that can be just as tangible as this one, or as ridiculous as I want. There can be a lot of different things. Maybe one of the biggest and best things of all that greatly influences my joy in writing may be the fact that, no matter what I do, I will be right. Because I created what I did, it means that what I've made is mine, and I know the inner depths of it. If something is everchanging, it's because I made it that way - because that's the way I wanted it. It's my own level and world of perfectness - a kind of Nirvana, if you wish. A paradise or heaven incomparable to anything else.
What are your favourite books?
Wow! Ready for a long list?

1. Alice in Wonderland
2. Animal Farm
3. Artermis Fowl
4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
5. Charlotte's Web
7. Chronicles of Narnia
8. Dark Heavens
9. Deltora Quest
10. Dinotopia
11. Enid Blyton
12. Fantastic Mr Fox
13. Flowers for Algernon
14. Goosebumps
15. Harry Potter
16. Hunger Games
17. Lord of the Flies
18. Matilda
19. Of Mice and Men
20. Oliver Twist
21. Series of Unfortunate Events
22. Sherlock Holmes
23. The Tomorrow series
24. Twilight
25. Mortal Instruments

And as for television shows:

1. 7th Heaven
2. Allo Allo!
3. Big Bang Theory
4. Bones
5. Brady Bunch
6. Charmed
7. Coronation Street
8. Criminal Minds
9. CSI
10. CSI: Miami
11. CSI: New York
12. Everybody Loves Raymond
13. Fawlty Towers
14. FlashForward
15. Get Smart
16. Ghost Whisperer
17. Glee
18. Green Acres
19. Happy Days
20. Heartbeat
21. Malcolm in the Middle
22. Medium
23. Mentalist
24. Merlin
25. Modern Family
26. Mork and Mindy
27. Mr Bean
28. NCIS
29. NCIS: Los Angeles
30. Neighbours
31. Raising Hope
32. Shortland Street
33. Supernatural
34. Terra Nova
35. Torchwood
36. Emmerdale
37. Coronation Street
38. Dexter
39. Packed to the Rafters
40. Wonderland
41. Under the Dome
42. The Bold and the Beautiful
Published 2013-08-24.
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