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When did you first start writing?
Around junior high. It was at the time after I finished reading the Twilight Saga, the four books that became my first novel collections and inspired me to begin writing my own books. I tried sending some of my works to publishers as well at the time. I remembered the time when I got very excited after getting the replies.
Please tell us about your books.
Reverse harem. High Fantasy. Those are the two keywords that can describe most of my books. To me, my books are like escape diaries that provide numerous and unlimited adventure. With sequels.
When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
Like most, I have wanted to become a writer since I was in junior high. Back then, I only wrote in my native language, Bahasa Indonesia. But then I realized that if I wanted to reach more audience—especially with most of the genres I’ve picked up over the last few years—I had to start writing in English. So here I am.
What inspired you to write your books?
I wanted to become a mangaka (comic artist) at first, but that changed when I picked up my first fiction novel, Twilight (I can already feel some people raising their eyebrows at me from the other side of the screen).
Do you have any advice for other writers?
It feels the best to write when you’re on fire (no, not that kind of fire, but when your spirit is on fire and your brain is just exploded with all kinds of wacky ideas). When this moment do occur, I’d suggest finding a corner where you know you won’t be bothered for a while and just write.

The scenes might not be so well-defined and the punchline might not be perfect—heck, the scenes might not even be in chronological order—but once you put it down, the idea won’t go anywhere. You can go back to it later on, or you might not be able to include it in the final cut, but that’s okay. It’s better than regret forgetting the idea.

Now let’s say you finished a book. Obviously, you’re gonna need to edit it. I once read from somewhere that you’re supposed to set the manuscript aside for a week or two, so that when you come back the book will feel like it’s written by someone else. But if you don’t want to re-read what you’ve gone through and the scenes are still fresh in your mind even after setting it aside for a while (more like months) like me, simply get an editor (or ten) from I happen to know a few great editors if you need any contacts wink emoticon

Most importantly, remember to back up everything once in a while. I heard some writers don’t backup their computers at all. Then one day it just crashed or someone accidentally erased their stories. My old laptop tended to crash often, which results in automatically erasing my new progress. So there are plenty of reasons to backup your files (or buy a new laptop).
Do you have a special place to write?
It doesn’t have to be anywhere special, as long as I’m alone in a quite environment and know that I won’t be bothered while concentrating.
How does living in Singapore affect writing in English?
I don’t think the locations really effect me. I began writing in English back when I was still in Indonesia. I was exposed to a variety of Western and Eastern cultures, especially in the form of anime, TV shows and movies. I just continued what I was doing when I moved to Singapore.
What are your future plans?
I want to create a digital platform specialized for reverse harem writers and readers in order to help fans of this genre connect through one place. I’m definitely not lagging in the design department, but there are still bigger matters to be concerned of, such as marketing.
Published 2016-05-11.
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