Interview with Rhea Rose

What are you working on next?
At the moment I'm turning one of my Smashwords stories into a novel! I will keep it a secret and let readers peruse the stories I have at Smashwords to find out which story I've selected to turn into a novel! NOT. I 'm kidding. I'll tell you. My most popular story at Smashwords to date is "Alia's Angel". It's probably no surprise that it's a vampire novel, and one reviewer of the story said they'd be interested in reading the book version. Well, even before those words were spoken, or should I say written, I wanted to do that--turn that story into a novel. I've finally started! I'm hoping to have a draft completed by Summer 2017. I'm not sure I can turn it in to a series but I'm only about 20,000 words into the novel and I will have a better idea once I'm about three quarters of the way through. I'm very excited about it. I'm a pantser, which means I write by the seat of my pants, no outlines, so not even I know how things are going to turn out, but I think some terrific characters are being born! I can tell you that two of the characters from the short story, who don't have names, now do. They are Claire Beldare, the main character, and her nemesis and lover Castion Gaze. Are those vampire names or what?
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Difficult question. Reading has changed quite a bit since the advent of the digital age. I tend to divide my reading experience into pre-digital or analog reading time and post analog or digital reads.

I tend to listen to books these days rather than read them, although, I still read quite a bit. Since the digital age of books, I tend to consume, by that I mean I read them quickly. I don't linger over them. To enjoy books, I listen to them. Novels no longer leave an impression on me like they did during the analog reading age. So, post digital age, I'd say my five favourite books were the ones I read as a kid. The Secret Garden, A Christmas Carol (anything by Dickens), The Chrysalids (most John Wyndam books) Agatha Christie...its impossible to list only five. As a child I see I was heavily influenced by British authors. As an adult I read more American and Canadian writers.
Who are your favorite authors?
This is a weird question for me. I have the same problem with a similar question; who is your favorite singer or band? I don't really have an author(s) that are faves, or singers. I'm a word person, so I fall more in love with the words than I do with the writer or singer. I do eventually come to love an artist, but it's always their story, their words that draw me in. Anecdotal: Three of us were listening to songs one night and my writer friend and I said, almost simultaneously, "Wow, we love those lyrics and we could recite them, over and over. We turned to our music lover next to us and asked him how he liked the lyrics, and he had no idea what we were talking about. He was completely, 110% into the sound. That was a real eye opener for me. Most of my favorite authors are from my childhood and young adult years. Even though I consider myself a writer for adults, I don't remember that many adult authors whose works effect or still influence me. However, I was heavily influenced by William Gibson for a large part of my writing years. I studied him. Despite my interest in spec genre, and despite the fact that I continue to write in that genre, (because I believe that when a good dark fantasy or science fiction story hits its stride, nothing is better), I still have a very literary quality to much of what I write. That might be because I'm a poet first, before short story or novel writing.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Besides the fact that I work at a full-time job? If I'm writing a good story then I can't wait to get out of bed to write it, literally. I will set my alarm for an earlier time to get up and write. I've learned that my best writing time is during my dream-time which starts at some point in the night and lasts until about 11:00 am in the morning. If I'm not working on a specific story then I still get up and work on other writing things, like answering questions to an interview.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I try to learn knew things and do things that help promote my writing and develop my writing/creativity. I love all the information that's available through online courses. I'm probably working on a few too many of those. I come from a creative family, so I'm always trying to figure out ways to use their creativity, too. In fact, I have to be careful not to take too much time away from the writing.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I LOVE ebooks. What I really love is having books on my phone. To have access to any book I want at any time is fantastic. I love not having to carry books around. I don't mind a book when I'm at home or at work, but when I'm stuck waiting somewhere, like the doctor's office, I love to pull out my phone and read. I usually hear about a book by word-of-mouth, and then I buy it. Often I find them online.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Most writers will tell you they've been writing pretty much forever, since they first discovered how to tell a story. The same goes for me. I remember scribbling on a piece of paper as a young child and asking my mother what I'd written. Of course she said that I'd written, "I love my mother." I was sooo pleased with myself, I never stopped scribbling.
What is your writing process?
For me, and probably for many fiction writers, or poetry writers, writing is a very organic process. What does that mean? As much as we think writing is all about the ideas coming from our heads, and it is that, it's also a very tactile process, unless of course you speak your writing. There's something exciting about thinking a thought and having that thought, that character, that world come out of your fingertips onto a page. I call myself a dreaming writer. I've always dreamed my stories into existence. I get an image, or find a situation in the world is a perfect scene for a story and build from there, dream it up from there. I've actually gone for a nap so that my mind could help me dream up the end of a story. Sometimes I love quiet when I write, sometimes I find that if the world is chaos around me but I'm unhooked from the chaos it can be a very stimulating atmosphere to write in. I have faith that my story will come together at some point and I always have faith that my work will find a home somewhere. If I re-read a piece and I find myself saying, "Hey, did I write that?" Then I know it's just a matte of time and effort before it lands somewhere. Indie publishing is one of the most exciting things to happen to writing, ever! It gives the power to the writer, write on! There's so much to the writing process a person would have to write a book about it. I don't plot and outline and rationalize my stories, I like to let them happen. That doesn't mean I don't apply all the skills I've learned over the years, I do, but for me, as soon as I start demanding an outline and a synopsis before I've got most of the story on the page, anxiety sets in. And that's never good for writing.
How do you approach cover design?
Cover design is an interesting process. I like to make my own covers. This can be a bad idea, but sometimes it works out. I keep it very simple. I purchase an image from istock or Dreamstime, or any of the stock images sites. I select an image that suggests the story's theme or character but isn't too on the nose. I then use PowerPoint to create my covers. It's simple and doesn't require me to put a lot of extra hours into learning Photoshop. In PowerPoint I will use a single image or combine images to synthesize and create something very new. Designing and creating covers is as much fun as writing the story or novel.
Published 2017-03-04.
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