Interview with Rich Humus

What motivated you to become an indie author?
An angel came to me in the middle of the night and said that humanity's future depended on thousands and thousands of people reading my stories. Or maybe it was just delirium.
Well, when are you going to publish some of it, you dope?
Soon. Have to get it prepped and ready for S/words. Keep your pants on. Or, take them off, if you prefer.
What kind of porn do you write?
Mostly sexual. I almost always write from the first person viewpoint, it's clearer and easier to understand. I hate trying to read anything written in 2nd person, it seems so stupid. "You reached down and grabbed my dick through my pants..". Ugh

My female heroines tend to be highly sexed, but not bimbos and sluts. They like sex. They may not like it as much as the thirty or forty guys lined up to fuck them, but they do. Sometimes it's a bit non-consensual, but very rarely is it violent and hurtful, except in a few scenes that are needed to set the story line.

I write very wet stories. Lots of semen. If you don't like explicit, wet stories that celebrate the orgasm, you'll probably want to look elsewhere.
Who are your favorite authors?
I've been at this so long, I've seen dozens of porn authors come and go. One of the all time best, who has pretty much vanished from the scene, is an author who went by "Phil Phantom". His stuff was surreal, funny, very hot, and is sorely missed. I like the IR stories of Stormbringer. Others whose works I actually keep to re-read are pensters like R M Dexter, Vulgus, Rufus Fugit, and WintermuteX. And my new favorite here on S/words is E. Z. McCain. She's the best out there at the moment.
Published 2017-07-26.
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