Interview with R. D. Blake

What are your five favorite books, and why?
One of my favorite authors is Neil Stephanson. In particular I enjoyed Cryptonomicon and the Baroque Series (a classic and must read for everyone). Another author is Tad Williams. His Otherland and Shadowmarch were intriguing from start to finish.
How do you approach cover design?
I prefer to select a scene from the later episodes of the book--one that includes some level of interest or suspense and that will perk the reader's interest to reach that part of the story. It's not always an easy decision when you have a multitude of key characters within a novel.
What do you read for pleasure?
I enjoy reading a wide variety of subjects: science fiction, biographies on past presidents and other leaders in business and politics, and almost anything on WWII.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
After selling my interest in a promotional products e-commerce business I wanted to branch off in another direction. Even as a child, I possessed an active imagination and having suffered somewhat from insomnia from my teen years and onward I made up stories in my head as I tried to drift off to sleep. I suppose its a skill that had been enhanced over that period of time and I don't find it all that difficult to tackle these kinds of projects.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Simply having someone else enjoy the story and discover themselves living the lives of the characters I have created.
What are you working on next?
There are two books that should be published later this year: "Suppression" and "Unvanquished: The Tale of Two Sisters". The first is a science fiction novel wherein the teenage protagonist discovers his past is something else entirely and is helped or "manipulated" to determine what that is through the assistance of a mysterious and enigmatic college-aged woman. The story line may sound familiar or overused, but I believe the readers will ultimately agree with me that the novel is truly original in many of its aspects.

"Unvanquished" is story a medieval fantasy in which Kara Jolivet sets out to rescue her sister Margaux who has been kidnapped by the black dragon, Darkspur. Not only does Kara struggle to overcome the many challenges that she must face during her odyssey into unknown lands but also in the attitudes of her male companions who deem that women have no place on the battlefield or in any other military endeavors.

Currently, I'm working on detailed outlines for an English murder novel and another science fiction trilogy. And of course, the seven book series on the Saga of Michael Liddle remains on-going.
What is your writing process?
Generally, some ideas will strike me and I'll let it percolate in my mind for several weeks. If the notion still contains some merit I'll begin a file and jot down more ideas over the following months, even a year. Then I'll sort them into some kind of chronological order and spec out the main characters in the story. From there, I just start writing and let the Muse take me where it will.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Michael Liddle: The Rise of the N'uru is my most recent published book. This is the third in the series that will ultimately be seven books. At the conclusion of the second book, Michael and Alowyn determine that the "Gift of the Ideema" is hidden on Earth. This third novel follows the deepening relationship between the Tylani princess and Michael as he goes through the eighth grade back in his home in Cantonville and also their struggles to locate this gift that appears to be some sort of device that will save Alowyn's home planet and its adjacent worlds from the Elhadra, a merciless and expanding empire from another part of the same galactic arm of the Milky Way. All the while, Michael finds it growing impossible to hide the secrets about his true identity and powers from his mother and friends in Cantonville.
What were your motivations to write the Saga of Michael Liddle?
Even though this would be my first series of books, I wanted to write something of significance, that would be a narrative dealing with many of the issues humanity faces: faith and hope versus distrust and despair, good versus evil, free choice versus destiny, love and hate--and how these opposites both define and either cause us to stumble or rise above them. The Saga of MIchael Liddle starts off simply enough but as the story unfolds book by book and the characters grow older from eleven years of age to seventeen by the seventh book, they have grown more complex and diverse and the dilemmas and situations they face become more complicated. There are many other themes running through the series: a father's influence and the heritage they leave for their children, the importance of family, spirituality and alternate realities, loss and recovery, a boy and his dog, a girl and her cat, friendship, betrayal, and secrets and the misunderstandings and the unforeseen consequences that arise from them.
What other interests do you have?
I've been avid canoe enthusiast and camper since my teenage years. Most years since then find me in Algonquin Park in Ontario canoeing and camping for several days. I also enjoy hiking and have traveled the entire Bruce Trail, a tract that winds through Southern Ontario, a distance of over 900 kilometers. And I pull out the bike every chance I get to travel here and there about the community I live in.
Published 2016-04-27.
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