Interview with Romancing Joe Company

What made you Create a Company such as this?
People are so busy with life by working, children and mundane duties... They put their Love Life on the back burner. Funny thing is that Love is the Only emotion we cannot survive without. So I created a company based on old fashioned standards in love, relationships and life in general... Yes we Tickle Your Love Life...
Why type of Services does the Company offer?
Romancing Joe Company
Tickle Your Love Life.
❤️Speed Dating & Upscale Mixers
❤️Lingerie, Corsets & Adult Toys
❤️Dating Coaches
❤️Romance Concierge
❤️Singing Telegrams
❤️Flirt 101 Classes
❤️Exotic Dance Lessons
Direct to Joe-417-655-7520
Describe yourself as the company owner...
❤️~Sweet, Sassy, Dorky Tomboy with a Sprinkle of Girly Dust...
Love Photography, Music & Cookies❤️As well as Helping others Find Love...
Quotes of the Best Advice...
❤️Never look down upon anyone, unless you plan on Helping them up
-Morher Theresa
❤️Fall in Love with Yourself First, unconditionally. Only then Can you Really love another. -Jo
❤️If Your Heart is Broken, feel it and cry some. Then Buy some new Lipstick and go Belly Dance Baby. ---Jo
❤️Embrace rejection! It gets you closer and closer to a Yes!!! -Jo
❤️If today was Your Last Day, what would You be doing? Not reading this...Go Live right now. Go. -Jo
❤️Tickle Your Love Life.
What do your fans mean to you?
My Fans make my world go Round... I mean Love go Round❤️
Describe your desk
Oh my desk is Beautiful!!! A huge Antique teachers desk, decorated with upcoming Speed Dating Events, Coaching Files, Fancy Stilletos and of course Pink Lipstick.
What motivated you to Write?
I just have so much to teach! I talk so fast that i decided to create a workbook so that my Southern friends can read instead of trying to keep up with me.... Chicago gal here.
Published 2016-07-25.
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