Interview with Roy Wysnewski

Published 2015-11-01.
Is this your first writing to be published?
No. I wrote extensively during my forty-year career in nondestructive testing. But all of it was technical in nature -- monthly reports, project status reports and a number of technical articles. Several articles about industrial radiography were published in the American Society for Nondestructive Testing's (ASNT) monthly journal -- Materials Evaluation (M.E.).
After retirement in 2000 and a ten-year hiatus from writing, I re-wrote an old technical paper that I had presented at the 1986 World Conference on Nondestructive Testing in Los Vegas and subsequently published it in ASNT's M.E. in December, 2010.
What prompted you to wtite about a non-technical subject -- the weather?
Publishing the technical article in 2010 got the 'writing juices' flowing again and during the next couple of years several family-related incidents occurred which ultimately led me to writing an autobiography about my youth. This writing about my family history wasn't published because it's sole purpose was to provide a written legacy for my children and grandchildren. That writing experience was so exhilarating and successful that upon completion, I was motivated to write something non-technical again, this time a memoir about one of my favorite subjects -- the weather.. During my lifetime I've had many interesting and unique weather-related experiences and I thought it time to write about them.
You didn't publish your autobiography, so why publish the weather memoir?
After four-months of research and writing, I completed the weather memoir. My initial plan was to have fifteen or so copies printed and nicely bound at Staples then give them to family members and close friends. However, before doing this I needed to get approval from someone I mentioned and quoted in the memoir. This individual is a well-known and very experienced local TV meteorologist, Bob Harrigan. He not only gave me the 'green light' to use his name and his quote (I paraphrase this in the memoir), but also wrote a brief, but very nice endorsement. That changed my plans. Not only would my family and close friends have hard copies, but I would also self-publish an e-book for others to read.
What are the highlights of your book and why should readers be interested?
I would have to say there are three chapters that will catch the reader's attention.
The first is the chapter describing those experiences I had with severe weather incidents. Readers who have had similar experiences with thunderstorms, snowstorms and hurricanes should find this section very interesting.
A second chapter of potential interest to residents of southwest Florida, particularly those living in the Sarasota, Florida area is the data analysis section and subsequent conclusions drawn from nearly eighteen-years of weather monitoring as a National Weather Service Weather Spotter. Readers may find my results and the theory I propose surprising.
The third chapter of special interest is the final chapter having to do with climate change. Here I present my viewpoint about this world-wide, hot-button topic and because of its controversial nature, I will be interested in reader feedback.
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