Interview with Samuel Adonis Lockhart

As an associate of Samuel Lockhart, what do you think of his work?
In his new book “Disarming Islamic Extremists in the West: 40 Critical Questions Recruits Should Ask” Samuel A. Lockhart has done meticulous research into the history of Islam and its influence on Africans worldwide which he has woven into a fascinating tapestry of Islam’s negative impact on the African experience. This is a gripping account of how radical Islam has not only affected America, but also the entire world. Samuel has provided historical proof that Islam in general has not served peoples of African descent well.
I have known the author personally and professionally for over 25 years and he has always had a deep concern and commitment to community service and the African American community. I first met Samuel when he was the Director of Religious Education for an Army post(s) and all its tenant units including an army Mechanized Infantry Division. He has a rich background rooted in the Black Church and community involvement has always been one of his highest priorities.
In recent years Islam has become very popular among western youth, especially in America and England. Becoming a Muslim has become very fashionable. Samuel does a stellar job of contrasting historical Islam and Christianity. Now, Islam in its radical form reduces women and children to property and tools of terror, whereas Christianity celebrates God’s concern for each individual.
I have spent almost three years in the Middle East during my military career. During my two years in Iraq, I witnessed radical Shiite Muslims bombing their Sunni brother’s neighborhoods and radical Sunni Muslims bombing Shiite Mosques and turning them into arsenals. To make things even more confusing were when Muslims supporting Al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) performed indiscriminate killing of all other Arabs and Muslims who wanted to see the new Government of Iraq be successful. This doesn’t seem to be a religion of peace to me.
This is an important body of work that is historically intriguing and a must read for youth who want to know the truth about Islam. They will be the new targets of Al-Qaida’s recruiters. Sam, you have hit a home run.
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U.S. Army
MS National Security and Strategic Studies, U.S. Naval War College
Published 2016-01-10.
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