Interview with Sara Quill

Hi Sara. Welcome to this interview. You’re a petite cute looking twenty-some year old. Tell me something about yourself?
Well I’m an art school student. Often I feel like I don’t understand the world and the people around me, that sometimes makes me feel lonely. So I’m on a quest to understand and to be understood. I’m always observing and exploring and trying to make sense of it all. Within art, whether it’s my writing or my paintings or my theater pieces or my video’s. I’m always trying to create little scene’s and stories that I’ve isolated from day to day life. I guess my art is like a petri-dish of social interactions. Within the confinements of the work I feel free to experiment.
The novels you’ve published here on Smashwords are all featuring BDSM. Are you kinky yourself?
Yes, I am definitely a kinky girl. Although not every fetish I write about, is one I actually practice with my partners in real life. Some of them are more of a literary interest of mine, and others just make for a great story-line and a more dramatic arc.

If you are interested in the kink and fetishes behind my stories you should come look me up on Fetlife at username: Sara_Quill
I will definitely do that! Did you say partners, plural?
Yes I did. I’m a ploy-amorous person, which means I can love and enjoy and spend time with multiple lovers. I can be in multiple relationships at the same time. Right now I have one girlfriend and two boyfriends.
What is the secret to writing a good kinky story?
I think it’s important to start with a good dramatic arc and believable characters. Of course the kinky scenes are meant to be sexy and hot, but it’s not only about kink to me. Kink is just the arena, but the actual story revolves around the characters. Their choices, their arc and the dynamics between them. I like the BDSM to flow naturally from their personalities, their desires and their interactions.

I don’t like stories in which the characters don’t feel real. Sometimes they just feel as puppets to make some fantasy kink scene possible. If that’s what your into great, but that’s not what I aim to write.
What do you aim to write?
I would like my stories to encompass also the mundane part of sexuality, like sweaty chest hairs for example, or getting cramp at an inconvenient moment, or a bed squeaking, or the hook of a bra hinging into a nylon, as well as the sacred and passionate connection you can share with one another.

I find combining the mundane with the hot and the passionate, results in very intimate and touching stories, that a lot of kinky people can relate to, whether they share the exact same fetishes or have a preference for another parts of the BDSM world.
I like your writing a lot Sara! I’ve an interest for some other parts of the BDSM world, and I want you to incorporate my preferences into your stories. Do you take requests?
I do sometimes. Although with my novels I need to feel connected to the story and the characters. I need to be able to relate to them. I like to have the freedom to create something new, to let the story and the characters develop without them being forced into a box to fit someones request. But some of my short stories are indeed the result of such a request or are inspired by other kinksters with fetishes that differ from my own. I don’t honor a lot of requests, but feel free to send me a message and give it a try.
What can you tell us about your upcoming novel?
It’s about a disturbed college girl that has been the victim of bullying for the larger part of her life. One day she drugs the mean girl in her class and they switch roles. Now she’s the mean one dominating and controlling the most popular girl in the school.
Sounds great! I can’t wait. By the way I noticed you never attribute your covers, why is that?
Well as I’ve told before I’m an art school student. I’m quite creatively inclined, so I’ve made my covers myself.
How do you go about designing your own covers?
When I’ve finished a story I first think about the genre. I try to decide whether it’s Romance, or Mystery, or Psychological Thriller or Fantasy or Science Fiction. I always try to choose a style for the cover that’ll reflect that specific genre. After that I try to think of the main themes in my story, sometimes there’s a recurring object that becomes important and I try to incorporate that into the cover. Most of the time I get carried away with it and I make myself two or three different cover options. When I’m finished I take a few steps back and try to decide which one most accurately reflects the story, and which ones will set the right expectations.
Wow, you’re a multi-talented young woman. So what’s next for you, what are you’re hopes and dreams for the future?
Thank you. I am indeed a multi-talented girl, haha. I don’t have a blueprint about the future, mostly I take life as it comes and that has brought me some amazing experiences and some amazing people.

I like to do it all, to me painting, video, theater and writing aren’t four separate things, they are all facets of story telling. I guess that’s what I am at heart a story teller.

Writing the story line of a video game, would be something I’m interested in doing in the future

Also I would love to maybe one day have my own television show that is a cross-over between soap and porn. So a new half hour episode each day, with a never ending storyline encompassing the social and emotional drama of a soap and also all the nudity and kinkiness of BDSM porn. I’ve lots of idea’s for a show like that.
Published 2016-09-27.
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