Interview with E. L. Schoeman

How many books have you written?
I am hoping to have my seventh novel finished this December (2014).
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I have control issue lol And I don’t like trusting others with what’s most important to me. I believe with proper education and patience writers can produce amazing books without a publisher. However, and I don’t know why, but some traditionally published authors believe indie authors hate traditional publishing and/or traditionally published authors. This certainly isn’t the case. I decided to indie publish my first book because I wanted the illustrator of my choice to do the cover. I didn’t want to change the ending of my book. And publishers shied away from it because longer books are more costly to produce. I will admit after eight months of writing Isabel, I received rejection letters. I also received an acceptance for publication (but it fell through). After that, I held onto that novel for six years, tinkering away at it, working with editors. I didn’t send query letters or manuscripts out to publishers for the finished product. I just decided I was going to learn and do it myself (this was without knowing that indie-publishing was becoming a popular choice among authors). I had some help and Isabel was published. A year later, I’m going to school for publishing and have indie-published my second novel, Vienna.
What are you working on next?
I am writing my seventh novel. And I’m indie-publishing my third young adult novel, Choice, for 2015. I’m hoping to get the first book for my fantasy series indie-published too, but one thing at a time lol
You mentioned your upcoming novel, Choice. Can you tell us a bit about it?
Isabel and Vienna are novels named after their strong, independent heroines. Choice is no different. However, Choice is pretty tough. She’s a Dragon warrior (or demon slayer), and is hunting monsters that are only targeting doctors. The first one we see her killing ends up being the remains of her fiance (which I feel kind of bad about). She’s never been able to save anyone before. But that’s about to change.
There’s a Choice spoiler at the end of Vienna. And the first chapter has also been posted on Wattpad.
Why do you write for Young Adults instead of Adults?
When I finally grow up, I’ll write grown-up stories.
If your life was a book what book would it be? What character would you be?
I often feel like Jane Erye walking right off Charlotte Bronte’s pages.
When did you consider yourself a writer?
My first publisher (the first thing I had published was a children’s book) said to me, ‘You’re a writer as soon as you put your pen to paper. You’re already a writer.’ He’d said this after I told him I didn’t consider myself a ‘real’ writer unless I was published. What he told me has always stayed with me.
Do you remember the first piece of advice you were given as a writer?
My first pieces of advice were: don’t burn yourself out, and buy the books the Writer’s Market, and also the Canadian Writer’s Market.
What’s your favourite book?
There are too many novels that really made an impact on me.
When I was in grade five or six I carried White Fang with me everywhere. I just liked having it with me. A teacher saw the Jack London novel and told me that I would never be able to read something that difficult. I actually to this day still haven’t read White Fang. I have read Call of the Wind though. I really enjoyed it.
When I hit high school and started excelling in English, I carried Catcher in the Rye with me everywhere. I liked to take the novel places I knew Holden would hate going. We went to the movies a lot.
The first time I really lost myself in a story was J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels. Those novels pretty much sealed the deal and made me a book junky.
However, now that my literary education has long continued, I would say my favourite novel would be The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I started writing very young with short stories, memoirs, and book after book of poetry. I have a great love for poetry. However, the first actual story I wrote was Isabel. I started the novel when I was sixteen. When I showed my eldest sister the first few chapters she laughed about how corny it was. I knew I had to try harder. With help from my youngest sister, Isabel was born. But from the very beginning, Isabel hooked onto me and never let me go. I found I had the passion and the persistence to be a writer.
Where can we learn more?
Check me out at:
Published 2014-11-28.
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