Interview with Sexton Gaylord

When did you first start writing?
I've been writing for as long as I can remember, actually longer, because my memory is shit. My dad read me the entirety of Tolkien's 'Trilogy of the Ring' starting when I was maybe 4, and it had a huge impact, I kept detailed logs of made-up civilizations, their populations and histories, personal grudges and itemized lists of imports and exports.

However, I just started writing erotica recently. I'm a very bizarre, very sex and kink-positive person, but it was kind of a joke at first. I was surprised, though, as I got into it, at how much fun I was having, and how hot some of my weirdest ideas and explorations were. Even if I don't make a single dollar, it's been worth it because it has definitely inspired some very sexy real life encounters.
Have you ever impersonated a ghost to obtain sexual favors?
Yes, how did you know?
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Every time I sit down to write, no matter what it's about, I learn something new about myself. When I'm writing a longer piece of fiction, I also learn something new about my characters each time. I may think that I know where a story is going, but I'm often surprised. Even fictional characters have a life of their own, and I'm definitely open to letting them have their way with me.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I discovered the amazing trove of erotic stories out there--stuff about getting fucked by billionaire dinosaurs and Tetris blocks and basically anything you can imagine, and thought it was absolutely fantastic. It felt very freeing to me as a writer, and also just struck me as such a perfect, modern phenomenon.

At first, I'd intended to be much more intentionally bad as a writer, and create a far more caricatured persona for myself, but I ended up feeling so personally invested and delighted that I couldn't really maintain that kind of distance. I think this writing explores a lot of themes and ideas I've felt previously to be out of bounds, and as such is a very intimate kind of self-expression. I hope it ends up being as freeing intellectually, sexually, and creatively for others as it has been for myself.
Who do you think is your audience?
Overly self-aware ironists who are nevertheless genuine pervs, former amateur lepidopterists now overcome with a sense of ennui, internet trolls excited to tear apart the social justice themes that sometimes make their way into my dirty smut, the tech-literate adventurers bored with the usual predictability of erotica, James Franco.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I do some other writing out in the world, but this was certainly the best way for me to publish such non-conventional explicit content. Mainstream publishing doesn't want to know about my perverse pleasures. But I know there are others who do.
Who are your favorite authors?
The answer varies every month! But just glancing at my bookshelf right now, a few names stand out. David Foster Wallace (mostly his short stories and essays, 'Infinite Jest' gave me indigestion). Karen Russell. George R R Martin. Octavia Butler. Neil Gaiman. Italo Calvino.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Earl Grey tea with half-and-half and local honey.
Where's the best place you've ever thrown up?
I once vomited while on a tour of Dostoevsky's apartment in St. Petersburg. It seemed apropos, but was not intentional.
When is the last time you cried?
Two days ago. I had a dream that I was drifting through space with a squad of galactic dolphins, and they were all my best friends. We were just floating around, doing flips through Saturn's rings, witnessing the birth of stars, and we were all completely carefree and surrounded by beauty. When I woke up, I was so disappointed that it wasn't real I started crying.
Published 2016-04-11.
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A dark secret is revealed: Millennials are getting fucked. Not just by the job and housing markets, but by the sinister incarnation of entitlement. Finally, a lone soul recounts everything about how she was rammed, slammed and used. This is an erotic short story featuring BDSM, hardcore paranormal sex, and a surrealist gang bang.