Interview with Sherita Bolden

What inspired you to become a writer and write a book where wine is the centerpiece?
I grew up in Anderson, SC and as a kid I remember writing my first poem around the age of six or so about a butcher a rat and a piece of cheese and I showed it to my father. I was proud of what I had written even though I have long since forgotten what it was. But I just remember always being fascinated with the power of words and being able to create things the way I want them instead of in the way that my eyes see them.I fell in love with writing when I was a kid. I loved the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, verses from Shakespeare and I also loved the rhyming skills of Dr. Seuss. As I entered adulthood I fell head over heels in love with wine. I love the history of wines as well as the process of wine making and of course I love the taste. So it was only natural that the day would come when I combined these two loves to create the novel DON’T TOUCH my WINE.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans mean everything to me. I've received so much feedback from women and men about different things that take place in the book and I love hearing from everyone. To hear others get into the characters and express anger, love and some even cry (men and women) is such an amazing feeling because I went through those same emotions when I was writing the book. So please post and rate the book anywhere you can and I will keep writing for you as long as I can. I am so grateful for my fans and I thank God for them often.
What are you working on next?
(Laughing with excitement). I've just compeleted a book of short stories and letters to women, about women and for women. I can't give away the title or much more than this but I am in love with this book, the stories and the letters. It will be ready for release in Spring of 2016. So stay tuned and visit me on FB!/Donttouchmywine
Q. In the book wine is often paired with Kat’s moods and emotions. Do you pair wine with your moods and emotions?
Absolutely! Wine is beautiful, sexy, delicious and fun. It should not only be paired with tasty foods like Hawaiian Steak or Chilean Sea Bass but it should also be paired with your moods such as when you are feeling flirty (Pinot Gris) or sexy (Pouilly-Fuissé) or hanging out with your best girlfriends doing girl talk as you reminisce over that little boy that had your head in the clouds (Pinot Noir).
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Love of life and the mystery that awaits. I never know what or who I will encounter that will change my life or maybe if I'm lucky I might be able to change theirs in some positive way. I live to write and experience this life because it truly is a gift and we only get one shot in this body with these people with this talent I have. I LOVE PEOPLE. I THINK PEOPLE ARE FASCINATING
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
My thoughts are always roaming free so my head stays in the clouds but most of the time you can find me dancing, talking / hanging out with friends, drinking wine, having great conversations, spending with or talking to my three annimals (sons) Baer, Tyger and Wulf and my family. Just loving this life I have been giving and showing appreciation for it by taking it all in and being grateful for it.
Q. Describe your writing process in preparing for this book and others.
Hopefully many of my fellow writers/authors won’t get too upset but I really don’t have a process. I write when it comes to me. I sit down in a coffee shop or in my car during lunch time when I’m taking a break from my job in IT and I write. Actually it’s like the story writes itself as the characters tell me what they want to say or do. I might have a glass of wine or three, I might listen to different kinds of music, or I might take a walk and write some in my head even. I am just the body that holds the pen that God blesses with his beautiful words.
DTMW is written as if it was a journal. Why did you choose this form of writing?
For me this was the best way for Kat to tell her story. It allows insight to the depths of her insecurities, vulnerabilities, humor, wit and feelings. That’s what journals contain. They hold our secrets, fears, fantasies and dreams and Kat’s is no different.
You’ve described this novel as a coming of age story. Can you come of age in your 40’s and what does coming of age mean to you?
Sure you can come of age in your 40’s. You can come of age at any age I think. As I was writing the story I kept thinking wow, this woman, Katherine “Kat” Cunningham is really going on a life changing epic journey and the more I wrote the more I saw her becoming the woman she was destined to become. I didn’t feel that she was experiencing a mid-life crisis even though she goes through a lot but I saw this as a beautiful transformation of truth and a woman owning who she is good and bad.
Published 2015-06-16.
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Books by This Author

Don't Touch My Wine: Sometimes All A Girl Needs Is Her Trusty Journal, Delicious Wine And Max
You set the price! Words: 72,350. Language: English. Published: November 7, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Women's fiction » Chick lit
An unfiltered coming of age story of a woman in her 40’s who pairs wine not only with her food but also with her moods and emotions. Cabernet Sauvignon - when you’ve been betrayed (bastard), Pino Gris - when flirting with the idea of getting sweet revenge or just flirting, Bordeaux - when dealing with multiple personalities (bitch mode), Pouilly Fuisse - just because it sounds so sexy.