Interview with Sibylla Nash

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I remember desperately wanting a typewriter, an electric typewriter, for my 10th birthday. I had an old typewriter that I had been working on that was just too slow. I was working on a horror story about a sleep away camp and murders (yes, me at 10). I loved to watch a lot of horror movies at the time, can't you tell? So it's funny that most of my fiction work has been chicklit and that it's only recently that I wrote and completed my first horror short story - The Mark.
What is your writing process?
Usually, a character will come to me. Sometimes, it's just a snatch of dialogue and it's enough to make me want to find out more about them. Those stories don't always get completed but my process is the same. I sit down and start filling in the blanks. Sometimes I'll start with the back story of the characters, sometimes I'll outline the plot. It'll take me a few weeks to really get a handle on the story. I'll use index cards, either physical ones or a template on my computer and start mapping out scenes. It will take another few weeks before I actually start writing the story. There's a lot of gestating and day dreaming that occurs beforehand.
How do you approach cover design?
Some covers are easier than others. With Bumped, I had an image in mind and it actually came from an earlier title I had for the book. I went through a couple of different iterations for the cover. My daughter was very vocal about what she did and didn't like and it pushed me to keep working with designers until I had what I wanted. Sometimes I know right away what I'm looking for and other times I'm open.
Published 2016-11-21.
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