Interview with Earl Cavin

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was raised primarily in a rural environment in a very different time. I remember mom telling me to get out from under her feet and go outside and play. The dog and I roamed the property and adjoining fields for hours at a time pretending to be various persona's. Everything from the sky king to sgt. Rock and even the boys of Bonanza. My friends and I used our imagination to created elaborate scenarios to play out and be victorious over. We built forts and even submarines out of the wood pile, old abandoned car bodies or old stacks of lumber.
I was also raised in a close knit extended family. I remember sitting a listening to the elders remember the good old days and the adventures they shared. My dad came west with his family on a train from the mid west to make a new start in the first part of the last century. My mother was one of thirteen children that came west in a car caravan with a bus. My cousins and I would sit and listen for hours as they turned the air blue with cigarette smoke and drank coffee by the gallon as they remembered. Oh, the adventures they did have and the stories they did tell.
What are you working on next?
My next work begins with the hapless protagonist witnessing a murder by a drug lord, experiencing the failure of the justice system and finding himself at the mercy of forces beyond his experience. His straight arrow good guy mentality gets twisted around but calling upon his background and skills he transforms himself into a new person and takes on a new life where he plots revenge.
Who are your favorite authors?
Tough question, I know newer generations may not recognize them, but Ed Beach and Louis L'amour are on the list. Clancy and more recently Patterson. All good story tellers.
Describe your desk
I am a global style organizer so my desk is organized by pile. Most of the time there is enough room for me to reach the keyboard and have have a beverage not too far away. In other words, I am a slob. Normally the piles range from three to six inches deep. Sometimes they are stacked until there are small landslides. Generally I muck it all down to the wood of the desk and polish it up once or twice a year at least.
Published 2013-12-28.
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They Call Me . . . Lucky is a great adventure tale set in the jungles of Southeast Asia. A Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol looses radio contact and misses their preplanned extractions. The journey home reveals how the bonds of war are forged in the shared fear, hardships, discipline and caring. It is a gut wrenching emotional roller coaster of hilarity, tenderness, terror and despair.