Interview with Timea Tokes

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Oh, yes... I was just a bimbo back then. I think I was about 9 or 10, and the story was about a pair of dirty socks (!). Well, one 'member' of the pair, to be precise. He was dirty and lonely, smelly even, wanting to find someone who would accept him for what he is: the pairless, dirty sock. Yeah, well, everyone has to start somewhere, right? It still brings a smile to my face when I think about it. Even back then I was trying to create a 'happy ending' out of every situation, thus the idea to match the dirty sock with its perfect pair came to fruition, resulting in a 5-page-long 'fairy tale'. Of course, don't think about anything epic. It was nothing like Cinderella or Harry Potter (obviously). I think my parents still have the 'manuscript' somewhere, and they were so proud, as that was when I announced that I would once become a writer.

And alas, at the age of 16 I started to write poems and further short stories. 'Proper' ones this time. One thing let to another, and when I was 27, I made my biggest dream come true: I published my first novel (both online and in pdf format). Check it out on Amazon, it's called 'Her First Secret', and it is the first part of a Paranormal Romance series. Of course, since then I extended my repertoire to short erotic stories, too (and the series has 3 other parts).

But yes, one will always remember their very first.
What is your writing process?
It depends on my mood, really. I really love writing outdoors, especially when I'm visiting my parents. There is just something magical in their vast garden, the way the flowers bloom and the birds sing. It's as if they were telling me the story, and I was simply the one to write it all down.

But when I'm not there (or I can't venture into Nature), then I get comfortable on my couch, looking out of the window from time to time. A cute little squirrel keeps hiding his nuts underneath my window, which makes me feel so special! But anyway, where was I... Ah, yes. I do get distracted sometimes, so when I really want to write, then I just put on some relaxing music, to get me in the mood, and start scribbling away.

You might wonder what sort of music that is. Well, anything instrumental really, but I usually prefer magical, medieval or pirate music (yes, even vampiric music). Even if I'm not writing anything supernatural, somehow I feel connected to the Universe by listening to these.

And then when I think I've created a masterpiece, I read it, find some typos, then read it again. I don't normally rewrite paragraphs, unless they don't make sense in regards to the entire story. It is interesting (in my opinion), as I heard of many others who keep rewriting their stuff. I'm not saying that I never do it, but I do believe that I wrote it the way I did for a reason. That time it was perfect (for me at least).
Published 2017-03-21.
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