Interview with Elfa Todari

Where's part 2 and the rest of the series?
I'm working on big changes to part 2. Expect to see changes to the title, cover, and pen name too.
Thanks to all of you who told me in your reviews that you liked part 1 and wanted to read part 2. There will be much more about the cat Potat in part 2 as well.
When will Part 2 be done, and why is it taking so long?
Part 2 is in in the works, with 37,000 words written so far, but for these two reasons, it could take as much as another six months:
1. I've heard that readers like long stories, so Part 2 will be at least 60,000 words.
2. In order to buy cat food and litter, and provide a home for myself and cats, I must work a day job with a long 10 hour per day schedule, so that limits my writing time, but I still manage to write a least 1,000 words most weeks.
What happens in Part 2?
The first half of Part 2 takes place in the residence of M. Hoyvil's family on the Verdante home planet. Antaska's telepathic powers are growing stronger, and she finds out how unpleasant it can be to know the secret thoughts of others. Even in what must be one of the safest places in the universe, danger strikes.
Things only get worse before they get better, with a close encounter with evil aliens causing even more problems for the three main characters: human, alien and cat.
Published 2016-07-23.
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