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Why did you write type 1 Sociopath - When Difficult People Are More than Just Difficult People?
I was raised to love one another and to follow the Golden Rule. However, when I got out into the real world, I noticed I was attracting charming, funny, brilliant people who ended up taking advantage of my kindness, stealing my ideas, and crossing my boundaries. I actually went to therapists to find out what I was doing to promote these negative behaviors.

The mental health professional, though well meaning and wonderful, never informed me about sociopaths or psychopaths. They all stated I just needed stronger boundaries. This was a great disservice, because nice people need to know about people camouflaged among us who take pleasure in breaking their boundaries.

Later, I suffered a breakdown after experiencing a tsunami of these users, abusers, and takers. This breakdown later proved to be a breakthrough as I was divinely guided to write Type 1 Sociopath.

This book was written for the loving, gentle people of this world: the kind, compassionate people who love deeply and forgive easily, who often have codependent, people pleasing tendencies, and who give with no expectation of return. They are the peacekeepers, caregivers, and fixers of the world. They love all that is good, peaceful and helpful and dislike all that is hurtful, unkind, chaotic, and unjust.

My intention is that the readers learn to recognize the subtle traits of sociopathy that most people overlook. If you can recognize the subtle, quiet traits, you will definitely see the obvious traits immediately.
How could you have been duped so many times?
I was raised to love one another, follow the Golden Rule, and to give others the benefit of the doubt. I read the book The Giving Tree every day when I was a child, which promotes doormatitis. In other words, this story promotes allowing the takers of the world to take everything from you until there is nothing left of you but a stump.

I was also exposed to explosive personality types while growing up and discovered if I promoted a peaceful home and making people happy, I wouldn't experience bullying behavior. When I look back at my 3rd grade teacher, she had traits of sociopathy as she loved to belittle me in front of the other children. I also had a tutor who would explode if I did not get the answer to the problem correctly. Her exploding involved grabbing my hair and shaking my head around like a rag doll.

When we are raised around explosive, bullying behavior, some of us become warriors and never allow anyone to bully us again and perhaps we end up bullying others. And some of us become people pleasers and peacekeepers. These individuals seem to be very sensitive, intuitive, and gentle while the warrior types tend to have stronger personalities often labeled as drivers, alphas and type A personalities. This is what I have noticed, but every person and situation is unique.

In addition, I had no idea there were people camouflaged among us who cannot feel love, remorse, guilt, or empathy, and who prey on individuals who can feel these emotions. Sociopath and psychopath to me meant the killers, cheaters, beaters, con artists of the world. i didn't know they can be the friend who uses you, the gossip at church, the mean boss, the belittling teacher, the deceiving politician, the boundary-crossing preacher, etc. I was surrounded by people who had sociopathic traits and had no idea. Their misbehavior didn't feel good and I intuitively knew something about them was amiss. i just couldn't pinpoint it, because I didn't know about the type 1 sociopaths among us and the traits to look out for.

It is easy to be duped many times over again when we feel love and compassion, have great integrity, and have been raised to place others' needs before our own. Add being raised around explosive, bullying people, and you just might end up suffering from doormatitis. The Type 1 Sociopath is intended to be the cure.
Published 2015-10-23.
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Type 1 Sociopath - When Difficult People Are More Than Just Difficult People
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 28,850. Language: American English. Published: October 17, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Psychology » Personality, Nonfiction » Psychology » Psychological disorders
Type 1 Sociopath shows you how to identify the subtle, quiet traits of sociopathy that others overlook. Sociopaths can be your mean boss, cheating partner, controlling parent, gossipy friend, etc. If you love deeply, tend to attract abusive lovers, and are giving and compassionate, you are their prey! True empowerment is knowing and being able to recognize the traits of the sociopaths among you.