Interview with Logan Peterson

What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Well word of mouth from important people in my life of course. Also never being shy to bring it up to acquaintances. You never know who might be interested. Social Media is a given, which is probably the leading factor as to why I tried to get my twitter game up to snuff before I actually released anything.
Describe your desk
I don't write on a desk. I usually am sitting on a couch with my feet propped up and a anime plushy in between me and my computer. Although I wish to someday have a desk littered with quotes and Gifs that have inspired me. Admittedly most of them would be from anime.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in the suburbs of Minnesota. I guess it makes me more polite, some midwest stereotypes are true. Other than that I grew up in the age of the internet so I was always exposed to the broader American culture.
When did you first start writing?
In middle school but my english teacher was either really over her job or just didn't realize I was passionate about writing. Either way it took some words from my writing intro college professor that i'll never forget to bring me back into it.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I was in basic training for the Army and not having really anything else to do in my free time I started writing what would eventually become The Dream Sequence. It was sort of a rip-off of Clannad, a very popular anime at the time. It was also meant to be a more serious and closed off story. As I got better at building characters I realized that the story I truly wanted to tell was something that needed to be expanded. I think I kept one idea from that original draft but I still cherish those fifty pages from basic training. I wouldn't be where I am without them.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Having a voice that isn't very mainstream would be the big one. It's hard to break out normally with an idea that isn't exactly what the market is looking for now when you don't really have any street cred. Honestly it doesn't matter to me as long as my stories get to the people that need them most.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
That styleguide, number one MPV.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
First and foremost its for people to learn something hopefully through a compelling and impactful story. I want to spit out my ideas and see if they make sense to other people or for other people to relate to and know they're not alone.
What do your fans mean to you?
Since I don't have any yet its hard to say. Honestly part of me can't help but feel they're just confirmation to fuel my insecure ego with affirmation. On the other hand it means that I've done something to make someones life better.
What are you working on next?
I have to finish the sequels to The Dream Sequence. I've had these events darting around in my brain for too long and need to give Emil, Noel and Leon the conclusion they deserve. Also I've been playing around with making an anthology series about Sex Robots. I've already written five pieces and it's honestly so fun. But that's something that would need heavy peer review less everyone finds out how truly insane some of my initial ideas are.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
In a word, God. Everyday I know that this gift he has given me is meant to be used ultimately for his will. So how can I not give it my all?
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Watching Anime. I am a huge Otaku. I also like to play the yu-gi-oh trading card game and Pathfinder(think dungeons and dragons). But I'm really down for any new experience and sometimes forget how much screwing around at a park on a sunny day with friends can be. Traveling is how I would like to spend my time if the funds were there.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes, but that is a story too embarrassing to tell. Just think of a mixture between the first half of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and the Jackie Chan adventures arc with Shendu's son.
What do you read for pleasure?
I read a lot of non-fiction. Stuff that has to do with politics, science and current events. I usually leave most of my fiction entertainment to Anime and Manga. My favorite manga is Berserk.
Published 2017-05-03.
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