Interview with C.V Grimms

First off, are you stupid,or just crazy?
A combo of both, a concoction that some may consider, "Genius?".
I'm crazy enough to write Scifi, while insisting I am a man. Stupid enough to write something revolutionary. A new concept that people don't exactly get yet. Stupid enough to think my books might be popular before I'm dead without selling my soul.
Crazy enough to work hard on them, thinking they might be something.
There are, so many writing and spelling errors in your book Eidolon Atomic. Grammer errors too. Are you Retarded?
We are all retarded in some way, the concept of being perfectly normal is an illusion perpetuated bye the media, one that creates a standard of a false sense of self that we will grind away our lives, as we try to achieve this standard.
My bad spelling and lack of good Grammer are a result if my environment, one where learning the proper steps to master the English language was full of false information and punishment, brought about bye simply trying to learn in a place where it was easy for people to hate anyone different.
I was abused as a child, and for that will never get some things right. My head simply won't allow it, but all I can say to that is, comparitively, all of the people who abused me in the past, now find themselves wanting for the multiple skills a "Retard," had over them.
I can only imagine how angry that makes them. *Smiles and smokes a cigarette.*
God your annoying, does everyone really hate you as much as I do right now?
Not everyone, but allot of people. People who spent their lives Reading books instead if thinking for themselves. People who where groomed for great things but all fell short where it really counted. In that place in their chest that seems now so empty.
Buy your not alone in hating me of course, but the real question here should be, is it right to hate me?
Answering my own question, history would say no, society in the present would say yes, but society is such a self destructive thing, and is only driven bye ignorance. But only becouse they let their common sense due a long time ago.
Your obviously a horrible person. I have been told that you have been 86'd from a few establishments of businesd, tell me, are you the womanizing Rapist that everyone agrees that you are?
I dont know, am I?
Society is this sick thing that does little else other than Rape or hate. Being someone who is generally honest, I'm sure the definition of a horrible person has more meaning to it, but right now it just simply means, a person who knows what is right and what isn't.
The good people these days, they are the people who rape, and hate, and lie, with little understanding of what of love really is, or self respect, or honor. And they are seen as the desirable ones.
I am unwanted bye many, but only becouse I am needed bye everyone.
The places that 86'd me, are playing a game where driving me away allowed them to define whatever they like. And most often their definitions allow them the redefine the stigma of their own undoing.
They 86'd me becouse I understand the real definitions. And have enough self respect to consider the truth.
Who exactly had 86'd you, and, truthfully, Why?
Well the list was pretty long.
The Model T in Winnemucca NV, but only becouse as an an ounce for the local race track, I was letting them have free advertisement without charge in exchange for being able to shower.
But their gut must not have gotten the memo, meth keeps you pretty oblivious.
The Winners Hotel and Casino. But only becouse I was a hard working employee who just wanted to wash dishes, and when people wouldn't tell me directly that I was suppose to be, the chief and allowed an identity steeling drug dealer to do so. Who then preceded to stalk and harass me for the keys to my apartment. My family member who was jealous of the attention that I got from a few female employees for helping them with their dishes decided to side with his meth addiction.
And being that the mamager , who was taking sexual advantage of a homeless female employee didn't like the competition. They 86'd Me.
More Recently, A few Walmart employees decided to do something similar.l, getting me kicked off of property after slandering and devaluing my image. They got me fired after attempting to assault me, then lied,about my after work activity. Then hated on me for being a depressed man who deserved a settlement but would only not get one becouse of their ignorance in dealing with the situation of a man who they know they should not be picking on.
Then their is Raley's, they 86'd me for buying something and useing the bathroom to make myself look presentable as I searched for jobs.
GBC college had me removed from property becouse I was trying to get into contact with a councilor in order to get a college lone or find a new place to live, as well as a decent Roomate. And after useing the resources that where their for their purpose of being their. The jealously had me removed. Especially after the room the forced me into caused me to get sick, and fail my classes, their way of saying sorry was to have me removed from property.
Then their is Taco Bell. They had me kicked out, becouse their underage employees had approached me in buying alchohol, and even drank on the job in front of me and other customers. And after a discussion with a young pagan or witch craft oriented member of their staff, about the 2016 election. They decided that after getting my arm cut in their store and getting incredibly sick. That my money was no longer good, and that putting words in my mouth about a case of sexual harassement was good enough to see me booted.
Then the Gold Dust Casino, that case is simple, a meth head child rapist, who followed me from Winnemucca, and the man who once exclaimed he wanted to " Bens me over and fuck me in the ass." Or whoever he was directing that at, where both working their, and well , the rest is history.
Are you married? Or so you have a long standing relationship with anyone special? Any Children?
No, I have no wife, and allot of women will lie about that becouse they think it helps me somehow, knowing women often go for the guys who they can't or shouldn't be with. I still find this tactic displeasing. And for good reason.
Like that, I have no girlfriend, girls for some reason only want men who having a relationship with is a taboo becouse they think it's exciting, or will get them attention, but what they don't actually know is, that is the fastest way to get ignored, becouse sure they may think like women, but many of them wouldn't know how to get a decent man if they tried, mostly it's pathetic and vile.
I have no children, at least non I am aware of. Of course I have had relationships, my first girlfriend was a Ukrainian Vampire of sorts. But in so much as that I have no children, and even if I did, no one had come to me to tell me.
However, I still consider myself unavailable, but only mostly becouse I have a more lucid understanding of how things work. My writing, and my art, are my wife's and girlfriends and my children, and so long as no one can recognize their value, then they can go fuck themselves for all I care.
Is it True, that your book, Eidolon Atomic, is Nebula Award Nominated?
That one I am not to clear on.
When I put the book on, it was only a month or so before a woman, said that she would give my works some serius consideration.
When I contacted the Board of the Nebula Awards, directly, makeing a bold move, one of them told me that the book would be mentioned on "The Forum."
Maybe they where just being nice, I don't know. I knew winning the award would be too good to be true for my first book, so I tried not to get my hopes up, while keeping myself in a good mood.
I told people it was, and even if not, most people still consider me to be the best, if not the most influential writer in the United States.
I can't count how many books have been just, outright ripped off attempts at all of if not a part of my work, and being that I had created the concept for Eidolon Atomic as a child, and kept it secret from an mentally and physically abusive family, who have a track record of trying to steel or plagerize my work, Just finishing the book in any concept, is a life achievement worth bragging about.
A war fought by one man, who stopped an entire army if not for a few decades.
Wow, your life is so depressing it should be a crime, but since I have no idea who to really punish, i... guess I should punish you? Right, except I'm sure you have other talents that will make your time in prison more prosperous than your freedom?
Yes, lots and lots of them.
Other than being a writer, who comes up with ideas that get ripped off so do fast out of sheer Jealousy and rage in one's own incompetence with the spectrum of what it means to be a thinker in the modern age.
I am a very strong weight lifter, able to lift over 600 lbs with my legs.
I am a world class video game player, and hold several world records that I will probably never get credit for, but only becouse of the gird of people standing between me and success.
I am also a song writer and can play a few instruments. Guitar, violine, piano. And I'm told I have the voice of an angel.
I often write my own jokes, and create my own comedy, and despite what others may contend I can be quite the ladies man if I wish, but most women are sick and refuse to realize it. A part of the mental disease I guess.
I am also a very smart business entrepreneur. And gave submitted a few ideas to "The Shark Tank," that the executives have told me where nothing short of genius ideas.
Plus the inventive ideas I have created in my scifi's, they are based on an understanding of physics that is currently makeing a few physicists lose their cool as the are prooven right, or possible.
And I developed more talents still, as a marksman, knowledgeable in fire arms, and a skate boarder with a decent kick flip.
At this point, I can't decide if I love you, or hate you. Why? Why am I so hot right now?
That, is the normal biological reaction towards meeting someone as well endowed in genetic talents as I am.
Being attracted is your DNA telling you I am the obvious choice for reproduction, but all of that bull crap that the media has forced into your head is the reason why you hate, me.
It makes sense, I come from a very long line of royalty from both sides of my family, and their is a reason why both sides of my family have lasted as long as they have.
I am told bye some that my presence is somewhat supernatural in that sense, but who am I to say what a force like that is, I am only the guy who everyone Hayes based off of a vastly blend bias that can only be justified as borderline cultist activity if not full on.
I heard a cult once held a prophecy about me. But what can I say, both of my family lines are ancient.
I was also bitten bye a full on wolf once. That experience was very strange to say the least.
So if I buy into your book, or your ideas, or you, what can I expect in the future?
Well better written versions of my books, for one thing. It's not like I want to represent myself with poorly written work, actually writing the book was just a means of defying the fate my family had intended for me as an idea slave.
You might even see a few comic books in the future, or things I get actual credit for as my noteriety grows and I become the person I was truly destined to be before everything was so horribly messed up bye just general greedy ness.
You can expect a successful man to use his intelligence to build an empire worth investing in, worth being a part of.
And heck, if you really want to be the person at the focus of something contraversial, then logic and intuition would dictate that I'm am that person. Obviously people will get angry at how,badly their plans are being ruined by someone who simply had the idea first, and had it better to such an extreme that it would just simply become a wall of thought, but ultimately move humanity forwards, catipulting our creative nature into new possibilities.
Movies, videogames, clothing brands, technology, art. A decent person with a chip on his shoulder, or a rapist with a better intent. All in all its better to recognize what I am trying to do, for its true worth from the get go. And jump on a train that night become Unstoppable as soon as it hits a decent speed.
But, being a trend setter never gets old. And having an early grip on something everyone will soon want is a good way to set your own boost your own agenda if your grip us strong enough.
All of this, however will only work if I have total control over my intellectuals, so don't expect to hold anything against me before I do what needs to be done, or we all lose .
Your Freaking me out a little, why do you halfto be direct?
Becouse humanity has not progressed this far bye makeing halfway suggestions. The world has been built on the bones of those who only wanted to get in the way of the direct, and sought to slow everyone down with an abitrary way if doing things.
Humanity would not exist if the prehistoric man did not decide to just point at what he wanted, and make it his if something for in the way.
I'm an old fashioned man like that, though I believe in honor, I also believe that idiots need to be moved if they plan on being sly, or pulling some game just to distract or detour.
I believe in true equality, and not the stuff that the cry bullies put in place to create a fake equality. One where the week can take on the strong but not becouse they have the skills to, but only becouse they gather and knaw at the fabric of society like rats so they can jump through loopholes that exist only to imprison the strong. Those who destroy the American dream, but only becouse it is a dream set up for only the truly strong to have. As only the strong have dreams.
I their is an honor in being direct, an honor that shows who is truly equal in the eyes of what justice is.
And if your freaked out bye my demeanor it means you have no idea what true humanity, is. That your just as lost as all the blind rats, who know their honor less ways are a trap, for them, and of their own creation.
Published 2016-12-04.
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