Interview with Ms S. A. Insogna

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Naturally you can find me in the Summer in the sun somewhere out of doors :} In the time I mark "other" I spend more time with my Beta fish Cali and Angel, and my turtles Mickey and Mikey then I do with other people. I do treasure my time with my FB friends most of whom I have not been in the same room with...yet . They are all over the world and make life good for me. I enjoy the company of my closest friends most when we are one to one. I am sincerely happy being alone with me to meditate on life love and more. There is always more. I am also so grateful that there is someone who surfaces when I decide I should resurface. I often get lost in my mind and I like it. This has proved to be such an invaluable tool while writing. I work out whenever possible. I juice. I advocate for wildlife and people and get in middle of sensitive issues because I believe it matters. Movies are great and the beach a tapestry only God can paint. Sky Diving... No not really. :} } One day I want to climb a rock wall not to be confused with climbing walls. :} }
What inspires you to get out of bed every day?
No doubt when the sun shining in my eyes!!!! LOVE. My oneness with other people. The promise that now is good and tomorrow looking brighter. God lives in all of that. Did I mention ice cream? Going for ice cream will motivate me every day.Oops more workouts... :}
What do you read for pleasure?
I love things about realities. The things that make the magic. Anything about angels, Real heroes, Self help books and sometimes the fantasies that inspire me to think... "This could happen." We all need that so much in this serious would. We need to remember to dream and how it feels to wake up to touch it.
What tools help you make it happen?
Me. :} and this site has an ease of access so you can just concentrate on what's going on in your mind. Smashwords is simple and freeing. #smashwords empowers me to just do it my self. The list of online resources is endless but the real tools are the intangibles. Staying inspired and writing from the heart. Sharing my truths has never failed me. I believe I touch people because they can relate or just because they feel what I am feeling. The truth is what makes the words dance for them.
When did you first start writing?
My most comforting time was that time alone in my own head space writing what was on my mind just day dreaming and sharing my heart on paper. This began at the age of nine. I was always a very shy person and so much of this gift that I am able to share with you today is because I kept showing up to my comfort zone. Just me, a pen, and so much paper. Now that I am publishing I promise you I am leaving my said comfort zone nearly always.
What do your fans mean to you?
Fans are everything. They grow the seeds you plant with your heart, When they feel something... I know you did it right. I know I am where I need to be creating something that will echo on and on and always one more time again. There is something about touching someones emotions and making them feel "you " your message. This is what does it for me. and confirms that although we are different in countless ways we are one in the ways that count.
What is your writing process?
My process? I will tell you. My secret is... When my emotions are in motion there is a flow. Words come rapidly into my heart and my brain just follows. I have to pick up "any" pen and find "any" paper right there and then. Once I have the idea out It's easy. I go to some place inspiring. Sun ALWAYS helps. I have to pour it all out as fast as I can before it becomes a fleeting thought. Sometimes this is a park packed with people, dogs barking children playing, but the moment I find my spot, I surrender to the process birthing a God-inspired creation. It will just keep flowing through without much help from me. I am so absorbed in what I came to do that if someone's spot next to me was on fire you would have to wake me up. Some would call it a trance but I think that's extreme. " :}
Can you share with us something about yourself?
Sure. I was born in BKLYN NY. I am one of three children. My father is Italian and my mother English German, French Etc so that makes me an American I will say. I spent so much of my early Summers in NC with my maternal grandmother and My Great Uncle and these are among my sweetest childhood memories. I was raised catholic and currently seeking God not religion. I believe LOVE is our soul source and our most precious commodity from our creator.
Published 2014-07-08.
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