Interview with Noelle Michaels, MA, CCC-SLP, LDT-C

What's the story behind the SNACKademics portion of your book?
When my two oldest children were young I taught them math terms with food. I never said Saltine or Ritz cracker. I always asked if they wanted a Square or Circle cracker. I asked if they wanted the perimeter of their sandwich intact or removed (the crust). They always loved math and never needed help with math homework...not ONCE! That is the story behind SNACKademics.
What is the story behind the Verbal Apraxia portion of your book?
Regarding verbal apraxia, I had a few frustrating interactions with certain school staff members who were sometimes refusing to evaluate children who had received help through early intervention and were now ready for preschool. Those children often had normal receptive language (understanding), but couldn't speak much at all. I wrote my Verbal APRAXIA book to explain to professionals and parents what verbal apraxia is and why it shouldn't be ignored. Using a complete communication score can be detrimental, and cause children who need help to be overlooked.
What is the story behind the Teaching Colors portion of your book?
Regarding teaching a child colors: I overheard a colleague of mine working with a child on learning colors. She kept asking, "What color is this?" The child answered a few times, but then began giving some wrong answers or refusing to answer at all. The therapist ended up unsure as to what the child knew or didn't know. The child was finding the drilling unpleasant and was shutting down. I thought about how, as adults, we don't usually ask one another, "What color is this?" I thought about a more logical way to teach colors and wrote it down. Then I developed games and activities to test each step along the way, so there would be no confusion. It makes sense and is fun. It can also be used to teach any type of vocabulary group: colors, numbers, letters, clothing, transportation, etc.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Knowing that people are finding support and knowledge. They know that I am there for them to ask questions or address their concerns. Most importantly, children are being helped in the process and are more likely to experience success!
What do your fans mean to you?
The first large audience I had, of speech therapists and audiologists, all sat smiling throughout my SNACKademics workshop. At the end a number of people rushed up to the podium and one woman asked, "Can I give you a hug?" I was shocked, and a little taken-a-back. As others lined up to purchase my SNACKademics book, some participants engaged in conversation with me. Most had the same thing to say, that they were usually bored at many workshops, and that they thought this was the best, most entertaining and fun workshop they'd experienced in years or ever. To this day, a year and a half later, members of that original audience come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed the presentation, and how they are using the techniques with their own children or the children they work with. Having fans encourages me to do more for children!
What are you working on next?
I am always working on ways to get information out so that more children can be helped. I have a radio show, with podcasts that can be listened to: I write a blog at I now have a website at with more information on it, including another blog. My SNACKademics youtube video has almost 80,000 views: I am also trying to get this e-book into as many hands as possible. Once that is done, I can focus on more new projects, such as Fun-Time Spanish (songs and activities) and more videos and books!
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I am learning to cook healthy foods and love to take walks for exercise! I also work several jobs. I direct a small Early Intervention agency, Quality Care Group, LLC, along with my daughter, Crystal, who is the Assistant Director, and my sister, Lynn, who is the Office Manager. I offer Pediatric Speech Therapy at St. Clare's Hospital in Denville and Dover, NJ (Morris County). I offer Pediatric Speech Therapy at Performance Pediatrics, owned by Occupational Therapist, Davina Daura, in Lafayette, NJ (Sussex County). I see a few private patients in their homes, as well. At my own home I am busy raising my 10 year old son, Grayson, with his dad, Ray, and we also help my mother, Anita, to get around so that she can visit with her friends.
Published 2013-10-20.
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