Interview with T L Swan

Published 2014-10-11.
When did you first start writing?
I have always loved to imagine storylines, plots and characters, however it wasn't until I found a diary early in 2013 that was twelve years old that I got my act together and finally did something about it. The diary I found in my garage was from the year 2002, I had written down my goals for that oncoming year. Goal number 1 was to write an erotic romance fiction novel about Joshua Stanton.....I still remember frowning as I read and sitting down on a crate and reading the words over and over again. I had no idea that I had these characters had been in my head for so long...they weren't going anywhere, eleven years is a long time to think about something....what in the hell was I doing? I walked into my house fired up my computer and immediately typed the words... Chapter 1, and the rest they say is history :)
What motivated you to become an indie author?
From the day I started writing I knew I would be an indie author. Erotic Romance in today's market place is predominantly digital imprint and unless you are a known successful author with at least five books under your belt you have a very slim chance of becoming traditionally published at first. I have a different style of writing to most erotic fiction writers, I call my writing style Provocative Romance, I write about true love with steamy encounters and I feel that true erotic fiction is based on sex and then a storyline is written around those scenes. I sit on the fence halfway between traditional romance and erotic fiction......but I always write tender, romantic love.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Mmmm, let me think? I am a Psychology student who works for The Schizophrenia Fellowship, my day job is full on and at times very stressful. Writing is my escape, I have fun and very often my family will say to me when they walk into my office.....what's so funny? why are you smiling? I laugh and reply... these people I am writing about are funny....they really do have personalities all of their own. I think that's it.....the joy of seeing characters in your head become real people on paper, their joys, their heartbreak, their pleasure and pain coming to life.
What do your fans mean to you?
I am very lucky in that I have an amazing group of followers on my Facebook page. I am not one of those authors that loves to self fact I struggle with it. The main type of advertising I receive is from my fabulous readers recommending my books to their friends. My Facebook page is filled with funny quotes, cute men, romantic pictures and inspiration material.......maybe its the Psychologist coming out in me? If it isn't one of those things it doesn't make the cut in where I place my energy. I value the relationships I have made with my readers...they are vey funny and intelligent people who have taken this somewhat crazy Australian new author under their wing and I am very lucky to have their support. I want my readers to identify my name with happy thoughts.....and beautiful romantic love stories.
What are you working on next?
I have just finished the second book in the Stanton series Unconditional and am now working on the third installment Completely. Unconditional is at the editors now so we are hoping for a December release. It will be going on presale in the next few weeks and Completely will be released in early 2015. After I finish the Stanton series I am writing a stand alone love story, Promise......I love it and I haven't written a single word yet....hehe.
Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite authors......that's easy. SYLVIA DAY, she is without a doubt the most talented erotic fiction author in today's market place. Her work is varied and I have a hard copy of every book that she has written. I like a bit of grit to my romance and it is hard to find a good story with hot scenes without it crossing that line into ridiculous sleaziness. E L James is a hero because she has brought so many amazing readers to the erotic fiction genre......and of course for Christian Grey...a personal favorite of mine. I also like Christina Laurens books for their wit and I am a fan of Jodie Ellen Mallpass. I didn't particularly like Jesse Ward but I can not put her books therefore she is super talented. Out of my genre I love Dan Brown author of the Davinci Code. I don't like books that are super, half a page to tell me that it is Summer.....yawn! I prefer dialogue and quick wit, if it doesn't make me chuckle at some stage and then cry in another I'm like.....meh?
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