Interview with TS Millheim

Describe how you started writing "Night Breaks Into Day".
For the last few years, I'd been mulling over a thriller. After I decided to actually start the project, I worked on a concept with Becky Silverberg as the main character and narrator. Then I came up with the basic plot and some themes and began working on the opening scenes at the airport. As I was roughing-in those sections, I had a conversation with my mother about what she was reading. She loves good exciting stories, but at the time she'd been disappointed by some of the books she'd read at that time. A lot of the thrillers she'd been reading around that time had become predictable. She could see the twists and turns of the plot a mile away, which was annoying to her.

That's when I decided to put in the unconventional elements I'd been mulling over. Once I figured how I was going to incorporate those ideas, the book started to flow very nicely. Becky's distinctive voice, the mystery elements and the off-kilter plot really gelled. When that happened, and it happened fairly early in the process, I felt very confident in the kind of story I was trying to tell.
How did you decide on a female first person narrator for your debut novel?
Well, that's a funny thing. I knew I wanted to try my hand at a thriller. I had an idea that it should have both mystery elements and action scenes. At the same time, Becky Silverberg was already roughly sketched out in my mind. Once I started writing "Night Breaks Into Day" I couldn't imagine putting anyone else, male or female, into that story. She's the key to the tale. Becky's combination of strength, snark and vulnerability makes her an interesting lead character.
You give the first speaking line in "Night Breaks Into Day" to Darrell Beals. Why make him a billionaire computer company owner?
I went into this project not knowing a lot about the history of computers, so doing some research on the subject was really interesting. I also get the sense that while a lot of people like what the computer can do for them-the social networks, the instant access to entertainment-many haven't given a thought about how the computer became so important in such a relatively short period of time. That seemed like a story that hadn't been told, at least not in this kind of context.

As for Darrell, he's at the forefront of a whole new kind of American life. He's a leader in the technology field, one of the most important industries on the planet. Just looking at him on the surface, he'd be one of the most powerful and intriguing men in the world. At the same time, Becky Silverberg's acerbic nature played well against Darrell's gentlemanly charm. Getting Darrell and Becky together and having these two very distinct characters interact; I knew that would generate heat.
Why did you choose Springfield, Missouri as the setting of "Night Breaks Into Day"?
The short answer is 'Why not?' I don't think every exciting story has to take place in New York or Paris or Moscow or Beijing. Narrow it down to places in the United States for a moment. America is a big beautiful country with all different kinds of places, weather, food, geography and people. Putting "Night Breaks Into Day" in a mid-west state made a lot of sense. It probably defied some readers' expectations. I think it also gives Becky Silverberg-my main character-many things to comment on, which gives the reader a glimpse at her character.
Any last thoughts on "Night Breaks Into Day"?
First of all, thanks to Smashwords for giving me an opportunity to publish and publicize my work. As far as "Night Breaks Into Day" is concerned, I believe I wrote an unpredictable kinetic thriller that people will enjoy. The reader is introduced to a fascinating female narrator who finds herself in mysterious circumstances that ratchet up in intensity through the progression of the book. Becky Silverberg is a woman who is both strong and emotionally vulnerable. During the course of the novel, the reader also meets Darrell Beals, a charming billionaire who may or may not be more than he seems. On top of that, the book also features an appealing supporting cast, riveting action sequences, a shadowy plot and taut dialogue.

If I was asked to describe "Night Breaks Into Day" in a single sentence it would be this: Think about "Interview With a Vampire" binge-watching '24' with the latest issue of 'Martha Stewart Living' opened up on the coffee table.
Published 2015-08-20.
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Night Breaks Into Day
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“Night Breaks Into Day” is the story of Becky Silverberg, a blogger for a celebrity style guru, who meets a charming multi-billionaire business leader and gets far more than just a career-making story.