Interview with Sally Edmondson

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
There is no doubt in my mind that, as you get older, you realise just how precious life is. George Bernard Shaw got it right… youth is wasted on the young. We are born into this world and nurtured until maturity, then released into the world as human dynamos, oozing boundless energy and verve, as we launch ourselves into our adult lives, full of dreams and ambition.

Unaware that the pace of life is so fast and the competition is so great, some of us are jostled onto the wrong career path, waking up to find our middle-aged selves, lost and disillusioned with life, which is what happened to me. As my body started slowing down and my mind started to unravel my life to date, I realised I had allowed myself to take the wrong path.

I started talking to the Universe and I didn’t hold back. The Universe has been around forever, so it is very patient and a very good listener. I confessed that I felt like a drudge to my 9-5, Monday to Friday existence. I was looking for something more enlightening in my life, even if it meant for less financial reward.

The Universe doesn’t beat around the bush, but it was a shock when I was made redundant in June 2015. Jobless at the wrong side of fifty is not good news because finding another one at that age is a nightmare. Whilst still reeling from that bombshell, four family members died in quick succession. It was fate in its rawest sense. I would never have been allowed the amount of time off work I needed during the six months that followed.

It was during that time that the words Carpe and Diem started springing to mind and I was thinking … sod it! Life’s too short not to be doing something you love. And so I started doing something that I loved… writing my first novel, that for so long been in my heart, but simmering on the back boiler. I became a student of Qi Gong at the end of 2016 and my world, generally, is a much calmer place.

A sense of achievement is an innate desire inside each and every one of us and for me, it was allowing myself to start writing again. So, there are two things that make me get up in the mornings, often to catch and appreciate the sunrise:

1. To live and breathe how precious life is and be inspired by it to achieve the writing dream and
2. To care for the people in my life who have facilitated that dream and who will continue to inspire me every day for the rest of my life.
Published 2018-03-16.
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