Interview with Liam Hunter

Published 2018-05-22.
What do you enjoy most about writing?
To me, writing gives the same experience as reading. You get to experience things you would never get to live in real life. Only as a writer you get to take yourself on a trip, whereas readers get taken by the author. Writing is an opportunity to get out my head for a while; A way to stop the noise and stress of real life.
When I create a story, I include real experiences of my own into each and every story. So, as I write, I get to relive great memories while sharing them with someone else who will hopefully be entertained by them. Shutting out stress is just a perk. I often rewrite entire stories to give them fresh details and endings. Just a little fun fact of weirdness about me.
What do your fans mean to you?
As a person that has always been kinda shy and always felt, as if, I belonged in the background, I'm very uncomfortable with compliments and praise. Anything that brings attention my way is usually not something I reach for.
As a writer though, I have to say that the idea of fans is a great subject to ponder on. I would, of course, be grateful to anyone who appreciates what I do and the works I create. For me to be entertaining to another person makes me feel good. I would not put myself above anyone that calls themself a fan. They are actually more important than I am; The stories are written for them to read, not for me to write. So in reality I serve the fans, not the other way around. I would gladly look at myself as a servant.

The fans are my master.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Well, I enjoy photography and editting photos. I am a coder, and I am currently working on several Android apps, and I always look for new stuff I can learn online. I also am an advocate for the vapor industry, and I own an E-liquid company that I enjoy designing product art for. I also develop all of the flavor mixes and come up with the flavor profiles before they are sent to the lab for production.
I spend time with my mom and sister, who are both disabled. Family means the world to me.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
At random. I know that's a weak answer, but I search for the subject and scroll down, then just pick one. I do not read what it's about or pay attention to the title or cover photo. It is literally a random pick, and I do not believe I have ever regretted picking that way. See if I go into a book with knowledge of the plot or characters, I build an expectation before I can turn a page and start reading. If I have no expectations, then my opinion of the story is always positive. Fun fact of weirdness!
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Ha Ha. When I was six or seven years old I remember writing a story called "The Canoe". It was a horror-mystery about a boy scout camp that would have often visits from a ghost-like character. (I always pictured him as civil war soldier. But the story never described the ghostly figure because he was invisible.)
The only way the campers knew he had been there, is the next morning there would be a dead camper.
They defeated him by waiting up one night. They shot flaming arrows at the canoe, it burned, it sank. Problem solved. HaHa
What do you read for pleasure, and who is your favorite author?
Hmmmm. I read everything from mystery, horror, thrillers, true crime, erotica... Just whatever I'm in the mood for. My favorite go-to author is Stephen King. His short stories are astounding for the amount of random knowledge that is thrown in. Also, the "match work" details in the foreshadowing and the small details that not many people catch are what I'm there for. Little things like how numbers add up to certain amouts, or how he uses the backward spelling of words, to how he throws details from one story to another or characters that make cameos to little tidbits of "shine" that he throws in just to make you wanna call BS. And the stories written as Bachman, are over-the-top with the amount of S.K. style. Some people call it laziness, I call it genius.
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