Interview with Robert L. Arend

Me#1: Robert—or should I call you Bob?
Me#2: No. But you may refer to me as ‘The Robert’.
Me#1: You are the editor and short story contributor for the 7 Fates Writers anthology "Stories for the Dead of Night"?
Me#2: Available here at Smashwords. And, yes, I had a hard time choosing between doing that or writing speeches for President Obama....
Me#1: The President asked you to be his speechwriter?
Me#2: Nope.....
Me#1: Then why did you say—?
Me#2: I’m a fiction writer. Lying is what we do....
Me#1: (shakes head and thinks about knives) Okay. So, you gave up being a fake speechwriter and joined 7 Fates Writers for "Stories for the Dead of Night"?
Me#2: What a great title. I think somebody wrote a bestseller with that title back in the olden days....
Me#1: You have five short stories in that anthology: "Switch", "Snow Globe", "Under The Tree That Owns Itself","David and the Outside" and "What's for Dinner?"
Me#2: Yes, all of which can be downloaded separately on Smashwords, but why spend five bucks when you can get them all--plus 14 more from other 7 Fates authors for only $2.99?
Me#1: Let’s talk about "Switch", which won you $500 as best story in Author Mingle's "Summer 2013 Short Story Contest".
Me#2: Yes, 25 cents a word!
Me#1: In "Switch", you opened the story with a ghost kissing her own dead corpse. What message were you trying to convey by that?
Me#2: Um, I guess…a ghost woman kissing her own dead self is kind of hot?..
Me#1: : (imagines his hands squeezing Me#2's throat) But don't you think your story "What's for Dinner" is nothing more than another disgusting zombie story?
Me#2: Yes, but zombie sex sells! And the story is free! Also "The Butterfly" and "The Engagement Game" are free, too!
Me#1: Actually, "The Engagement Game" isn't free. You left it up to the reader to kick in whatever he or she thinks it's worth.
Me#2: Yep, and so far they've decided it should be free....
Me#1: Your designated free Smashwords story "The Butterfly" must be a very nice story. I love pretty butterflies.
Me#2: Then you’ll love that story. It’s about a woman who thinks a butterfly she finds on her dead husband’s pillow is him reincarnated. The love scene will knock your socks off....
Me#1: What does your writing space look like?
Me#2: My lap is my writing space, parked on my overstuffed recliner, with DVD episodes of "Lost in Space" playing on my big screen TV. That June Lockhart was a real hotty....
Me#1: How long have you been writing?
Me#2: I started writing in my mother's womb to pass the time. Life was pretty boring in there....
Me#1: Please tell us about yourself and your writing.
Me#2: I am very old, yet not as old as a lot of other people, but not as young as those school pictures of me I have posted all over my laptop desktop. I sometimes wonder if I am an old man dreaming of being the boy in those photos, or if I am the boy peering into his own dreams, longing to be as old as the old guy looking back at him, though considering the possibility that both the boy and the old guy are nothing more than avatars in some video game being manipulated by some methhead living in Wisconsin. I write short stories.
Me#1: Do you have a process for coming up with character names and story titles?
Me#2: As far as the characters in my stories, I usually give them the first names of famous sitcom characters and last names that don’t rhyme with yogart.....
Me#1: Have you ever thought about writing a novel?
Me#2: I am too old to write a novel with odds of dying before chapter 12....
Me#1: Has anyone in particular been an influence on your writing?
Me#2: Besides my great, great, great, great, a thousand times great grandfather Ludwig Von Arendt, who invented beer, I have to say the greatest influencer on my writing was my 8th grade English literature/composition teacher Ann Evangelisto, who singled me out as a marked boy (teacher’s pet) for my other classmates to hate by always reading my compositions aloud as examples of what all in the class should strive for in their own work. She privately counseled me that I was already a good enough writer to go professional, but I wanted to be a cartoonist, then, so it was years before the writing bug bit me so hard I actually skipped some episodes of Barbara Mandell’s TV variety show to work on a novel—and Barbara was so hot, but so was Mrs. Evangelisto in an unglamorous sort of way. Junior high school boys didn’t date their teachers back then, though....
Me#1: Is there anything else you'd really like our readers to know?
Me#2: Heaven is a peanut butter, jelly and mayonnaise sandwich....
Me#1: Anything else?
Me#2: Just this disclaimer:
Robert L. Arend (known by his many (12 or fewer) Facebook friends as “The Robert” is the editor and one of five contributing short story writers for the Seven Fates Writers Group short story/flash fiction/poetry anthologies. Born before fan fiction (bff), The Robert grew up in a household where his needs were meant far more so than his wants, causing him to suspect he’d been kidnapped when an infant from parents who would have given him everything he asked for. He never was reunited with those parents, but he wants them to know (if they are still alive) that he loves them, and to get in touch via Facebook so he can let them know what he wants for Christmas, and all those other Christmases and birthdays they missed because he was kidnapped....
Published 2013-08-23.
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