Interview with Sabine von Herbert

What made you write this book?
After living a number of years thinking that I adhered to Gandhi's principles, all on a sudden I realized that I knew only a little about Gandhi. I was imitating Gandhi the film character. So when I read what he wrote I wanted to tell it to the world. I know a number of people who follow Gandhi would be shocked to read his opinions on race, caste or gender.
What is the purpose of writing this book?
My purpose is very modest. I wish somebody had written this book before me so that I would have known about Gandhi more accurately. If I knew what is described in the book 10 or 15 years before, I would have led a different life. So, my purpose is to help others like me to make an informed decision before they decide to lead a life in a close connection with Gandhi. I think that sense-making is important before following any political ideas, or gurus.
Are you angry with Gandhi?
No, I am not. I am a bit angry with myself for not making necessary assessments before following a cult. I am not feeling bitter. But I am a bit disillusioned.
Will you recommend anyone to follow Gandhi?
If anyone wants to follow Gandhi, I'd recommend this book among their preliminary reading!
I wish I had this book twenty years back.
Published 2016-06-06.
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