Interview with Timothy House

Published 2013-09-02.
When did you first start writing?
I began writing poetry and song lyrics in high school. Fifteen years later I became interested in storytelling and began writing short stories which quickly led to my first novella.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Being able to be creative and getting wrapped up in the story. While you're writing a story you live the life of your characters and become part of the story.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first one I wrote was a rhyming story. The first short story was kind of a goofy story about working in the winter and falling on the ice. The first story I published was "Old Man and the Moon," a story that was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke. I wrote the story on a sunny spring day in riverside park in Memphis. The story is very emotional and I was trying to hold back some of the emotion writing in public.
What is your writing process?
The is no set process, it's pretty much chaotic order. Every story or poem has a different process. Poetry just pops in my head and I'll write down something rough. I like to be outdoors when writing, I find it to be inspirational. When I wrote "Love Notes" I wrote it on the beach in Ocean City in Maryland, Liberty Park in New Jersey, Elk Neck Park Maryland, and even in a laundromat in Elkton Maryland while doing laundry . I wrote a good portion of "From My Heart to Yours" in various locations in and around Nashville. I write in my home office too, which is where I wrote most of "Pieces of the Puzzle." Many of the stories were written in the places where the book is set. I believe living in those places while writing about them gives me a much better understanding of the culture and feel of the setting that goes directly into each story.
What do you read for pleasure?
It depends, I read a lot of poetry and I like science fiction. I usually don't read anything while I'm writing because it causes what I call "static." My mind will get caught up in the story I'm reading and I lose my drive writing.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I am working on two new stories off and on and I'll be publishing a new novella in November I finished earlier this year. That book is called "Pieces of the Puzzle" and it's a story about a couple in college who meet years later as they are deep in their careers and the female character Sarah had a daughter who she didn't tell the main character Oliver about but comes to him for treatment of their daughter's cancer. Sarah falls in love with him again and it comes out as they all fight for Christina's (the daughter) life they struggle to become a family. The story is a Christmas Miracle and it's inspiration to never give up.

The next story "Zarna's Discovery" is a science fiction thriller complete with cell regeneration and time travel. Imagine being 75 and all of the sudden having a body of a 25 year old again. After that Zarna learns of a new way of time travel she wishes to go back to her past and learn what happened to the "love of her life" who was murdered and they never discovered who was responsible. She longs to see him again as she is now "young" again, but as she travels back she becomes aware of a dark secret that has been kept from her. Some people will do anything to keep that secret including murdering her. So as she becomes entwined in discovering who murder her former lover she must run for her life. It is an adventure through Europe and the US and also through time.

The third story is another crime science fiction thriller although this story is a novella. In this story a retired detective living in a small Ohio town is asked by the local volunteer police chief to help investigate a body found in the woods. The body was left with no identifying features but he soon learns the identity is one of an inventor who created a device to read minds. This was used as a tool by law enforcement to get the truth but some of them learned how to use the device to manipulate people especially women who the villain uses the device to rape them and they have no memory of what happened to them. This retired detective is forced to unravel this mystery and gets caught up in some of his old cases while investigating this case. He has to work in a corrupt system that is against him and protects the rapist this retired detective is trying to stop. The powers that be protect him to protect the down side of this new piece of technology.
What motivated you to become an author?
The ability to inspire people was the biggest factor. We live in a dark world and often times it's easy to give up hope so I wanted to write inspiring stories for people who struggled through life just like I did. Making them laugh too is very inspiring. Laughter is the best medicine. The other factor is the sure will to write almost like I have to write. I'm happiest when I'm being creative and I would still write even if no one was reading my stories.
How have ebooks contributed to your success?
Enormously! It drove down the start up cost and made it much easier for a small unknown author like me and marketing online gave me the ability to target a specific audience. Being one of the first authors on Apple's new ebook store that accompanied the launch of the iPad was key to getting my books out there for people to read. The fact that people can read a sample of the book first has also been a huge help. 99% of my sales today are ebook sales in over 40 different countries. I don't think that would have been possible with traditional printed books. Smashwords has also been a huge contributor to my success as an author.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I'm also a musician and songwriter so that takes up a lot of my time. I enjoy hiking and traveling a lot, all of which I write about in my stories. There's always an adventure in exploring other places. My biggest hobby is photography. I love capturing one moment in time and that photo also has a story to tell.
How do you approach cover design?
They say never judge a book by its cover but we all do. It's very important and it needs to be a window into what your story is. The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is what I'm thinking. How do I get the reader's mind into this story with the cover. As much thought has to go into cover design as the book itself,
What was your greatest thrill as a writer?
Probably several I could talk about but maybe the greatest was the night I first saw my first book "Definitions" on sale on Amazon and I thought, "wow, that's little old me!" I still get chills when I see something I created in the store for the first time, it's the same way with my music. "Definitions" was the first book I published and it was a dream come true the night I saw it for sale. It's a pretty special feeling when you finally realize a dream like that. Traveling to research the places I write about are pretty thrilling too.
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