Interview with Tuyu Ma

What's the story behind your latest book?
The story behind my book can be distilled into two words, mother inspired. I wanted to share the story of how my mother inspired me to move back home so I could effectively retire her. I did because I witnessed her quality of life deteriorating quickly from serious injuries while working as a laborer at a poultry factory. Putting her into retirement was my number one dream I had written down in February, 2007. I achieved this dream 5 years later, in December of 2012.

The title, 'Mom, The Root of My Inspiration,' came about when I tried to describe my rationale for the decisions that led me back home to care for my mother. It was because of her. I knew there were other special mothers out there so I had to elicit the stories from children that have been equally inspired by their mothers.

So, this book was created to celebrate you, the mothers of the world. After reading the stories from all the contributors, I realized from their mother's impact, that there’s not much we can do to ever repay you. My hope is that this book of inspiring stories of you will be received as a small, small token of our deep gratitude.
Tell us the meaning behind your pen name?
It’s the tongue and cheek phonetic spelling of “to you, ma,” and I created it to embody the reverence children hold for their mothers. The inspiration came when I noticed, through articles and media, children dedicating their work and accomplishments to their mothers. In short, Tuyu Ma represents the deep thank you all of us children owe to each and every one of you.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born in a lesser-known, little country of Laos in Southeast Asia. It's sandwiched between Vietnam to our East and Thailand to our West. My parents immigrated us to America when I was very young to the Midwest, Indiana specifically (go Hoosiers basketball!). My parents uprooted their lives in to bring us five children to America to offer us the hope of opportunities. At that time, Laos had recently gained its sovereignty from nearly 100 years of French Indochina rule and the political system was just developing. This posed challenges for my parents who envisioned a better life for us, and that's why they made the decision to come to America.

Life in America was rocky and tough for all of us, most notably my parents. I grew up witnessing the hard work my parents put in to ensure their children had the necessities. After my parents divorce, I witnessed my mother handle life (mother of now six), and the injuries of her work, admirably. Her passion and selfless attitude for us inspired me to write about her legacy because I believe her story had to be shared. The book is a collection of true stories written by myself, and other children who graciously shared their inspiring stories of their mothers.
What are you working on next?
Another book inspired by mothers.
Published 2014-04-30.
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Mom, The Root of My Inspiration
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This book was created to celebrate you, the mothers of the world. There’s not much we can do to repay you. This book of inspiring stories is just a small, small token of our gratitude.