Interview with Richard Delgado, Jr

What's the story behind your latest book?
This book a mixture of poems throughout my life. I use writing as a form of releasing stress, a form of improving my creativity, and also a way to possibly help the reader in many ways. It's nice to be able to pick up a piece of literature and escape the everyday activities as you indulge in what you read. When you can picture yourself along with the writer in a different place, as they describe their story, then I feel it's a start to opening a person's mind to great things.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Throughout many years I've used writing as a form of expression whether it's about a true event or something completely made up. Everyone in life has their personal mountains to get passed. During challenging moments of facing my mountains in life, I have picked up a pen and made the choice to allow my creativity to bleed through the pen. I believe we are all blessed in different ways and it's up to us to take action upon our blessings.
Others near me started to read what I wrote and gave their opinions. One question that I was asked often is, "Why didn't I publish my work?"
I believe God speaks to us in many different ways. So I set aside procrastination, and decided to take action. As I like to tell myself, baby steps..! But the only direction from the bottom is up. I just hope that my work may be a blessing to whomever takes the time to read it.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
It's great to know that we have choices. This option is helpful for someone as myself, that has no experience and is basically trying to reach his dreams and goals. Smashwords is a great way to be able to reach others throughout the world in ways you possibly may have not, if this wasn't an option. I feel this eliminates many obstacles one would have to over-come if they were trying to get published in other ways.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Sometimes knowing that I can motivate or help how someone feels, with something that I wrote feels good. Not everyone in this world, shares the same experiences. But knowing that you can read something to help you appreciate your blessings, is a great thing in my opinion.
Sometimes through our greatest storms we face, come the greatest blessings from with in!
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Appreciating that I am able to get out of bed and attempt to accomplish my goals, is a great feeling. There are unfortunately others in this world that wish were in a position to be able to do what I can, but face illness or challenges that don't permit them too. So I remind myself daily that someone out there depends on what only I can accomplish, so then, they are able to reach their goals. Being grateful along with a positive attitude is something that really helps me move forward daily.
Life is too short, not to pursue happiness daily!
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I'm not writing, I try to enjoy other hobbies, or help someone else with a goal or hobby they may have. It's amazing how things happen to always work in your favor, one way or another, when you do things with a humble heart.
I do enjoy riding motorcycles, listening to inspiring videos, and at times simply appreciating nature. I try to purposely learn something daily, that may help me become a better person.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
At times I'm advised by friends. If i'm listening to an inspiring video and they recommend a book, I write it down and purchase it. Sometimes I'll purchase a book that just seems interesting or about something that I'd like to learn more about.
How do you approach cover design?
Actually the photo that is used as my cover for this book, is a photo that I took in Puerto Rico on vacation once. I enjoy capturing the essence within the beauty of simple moments. At times it's those simple moments that take your breath away, if you experience them.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in New Brunswick, New Jersey until my teenage years. Then my family moved to Somerset which isn't but about 15 minutes away. Even though the move wasn't great in distance, it was a change of neighborhoods. And also from my family renting, to now owning a home which was great. Now being that most of my family and friends at the time were in New Brunswick, I would always find a way back there.
I do believe that your surrounding can influence you, but now being older, I also realize that I also influenced my surroundings. Some would feel that some parts of town where I grew up were dangerous, but to me, it was where my family and friends were. It was where, I could share a laugh with some of the people I cared about. It helped me become who I am and who I am not. I'm not anyone to judge another person for their choices, but I am a strong believer that we do have choices that lead us to the path we take.
Coming from humble beginnings, it's reminder that anyone can make it in this world. Anything is possible when you have faith in God, goals or a plan, and you take action. Believe in yourself, even if no one else shares your vision.
What are you working on next?
I feel that this is just a new beginning for me. I do believe that God had blessed everyone in some sort of way. Now it's actually up to us, whether we become a "blessing" or a "lesson" toward others.
I do want to be a blessing in anyway I am able, with in reason. To explain that a bit further, sometimes it's up to that person to do what they are supposed to do, to reach their goals. It's like that saying I've heard, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it."
With all this being said, I do want to continue with my poetry and writings. I want to show others that; they also can be creative and reach their goals. I want my poetry to make others smile, get upset, laugh, cry, shake their head, amongst many other emotions.. We are all human beings. We go through emotions and that's a beauty that we were blessed with. Even though I try to make most of my work to be positive and inspiring in one way or another, I do want to write for my reader to go through different emotions. I want to tickle their brains to think and maybe inspire someone to do something great! The possibilities are endless!
What do you read for pleasure?
I can't really say I focus on just one type of book. I do believe we have to be cautious on what we focus on. But I also believe we can learn from our experiences, as well as things we read. I do read my spiritual books, like the Bible, and lately I try to read things that will benefit me in growing as a person.
Published 2017-01-12.
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