Interview with Willow Fae von Wicken

What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book series is the Black Diamond Series. I started writing this series when I was a teen. I grew up on the Atlantic shoreline, and being an avid beach bum, I spent a lot of time on the rocks watching the tide roll in and out. Mermaids were always on my mind, and as a girl I often watched and wished that I could sight one. I'd sketch the characters that flourished inside my mind, painted some on canvas, and when I grew up and began teaching Graphic Arts, I brought my characters to life in Adobe Photo Shop. The mermaids purse, (or shark egg pouch) was something my mother had shown me as we beach combed. And the stories began to sprout in my mind. 9000 pages later, and growing as a writer, I decided to publish my books and share them with the world.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
My greatest motivation to become an Indie Author was the hurry up and wait game. It's what happens in the publishing industry. I couldn't' wait anymore, I wanted my books published, and I didn't want to wait six to eight months, spend heaps of money in mailing hard copies, putting my life and career on hold. I wanted to simply write, to put out the invitation to the world to share in my reality, my special worlds. And I did, and it's wonderful. I certainly have never looked back.
What benefits do you see in becoming an Indie Author?
Being an Indie Author has given me the freedom to write my way. It has been a hit and miss with my writing for many years, playing the hurry and wait game with Publishing Houses. Three novels were requested along those years from Harlequin, but something always seemed to be holding them back. A change of Editor prior to my novel being snailed mailed to them. They moved during another mail. Something strange always happened. It was a long hard road, and the slush pile expanded rapidly with the internet taking submissions to the point that Agents and Editors are too swamped with submissions. I don't know how they do it.
Being an Indie Author is fabulous. You have total creative freedom. You are your own editor, you don't need to conform to the genres, or try to please a narrow market. You have the flexibility to set your own standards.
It's like the difference from being an Artist, and a Graphic Artist. An Artist is true to their own creation, a Graphic Artist must be able to demonstrate another persons perception.
Indie writers are the birds of the writing industry. "We are free, we fly, and we soar, all on our own accord."

We let the public decide what they like, and it's the best feeling in the world.
Who are your favorite authors?
Steven King, Steven King, Steven King.:) Oh and did I mention I love Richard Bachman, aka Steven King?
How do you approach cover design?
I'm a Graphic Artist, and my Characters live in my head, and eventually are sketched and photo shopped. Some of my characters have been on paper since I was a teenager. It's wicked sweet to see them in photo shop, in surreal form. I have thousands of designs that I've created over the years, and I sort of put them together in a collage. The Black Diamond Series, I wanted to create as a theme, with a nostalgic type of feel, so they are similar in design, but they all start with my dreams.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
Personally I'm in love with Kobo. It's fun, and I like the party it throws for you after you finish a book. It's fun to have badges and it becomes your new best friend. Kindle Fire is also amazing, I happen to love that one to death as well.
Describe your desk
To be honest, my laptop on my knee, sitting under a palm tree with parrots flying over head was my desk for many years. It was peaceful being on the sea shore in the Great Barrier Reef, and my office was my back pack.
What do your fans mean to you?
This actually is a good question for me. I have over 2 million fans, as I've been online writing for about seven years now. The online articles I wrote were mostly about love, and romance. I've answered about 50 emails a week for people seeking advice about love, and relationships. My fans are real people to me, people with heart, and soul and compassion. People with real problems, sadness, or heart ache. I've been there with them and tried to help in any way I could.

I believe the majority of people in this world are honest hard working people. So many have reached out to me, what they may not realize is that yes I have done my best to help them, but they helped me too. There is a reason I believe they nick name me lil fae. A lot of people that I've met along my journey of life, no matter where, say I have a glow about me, that I look like a fairy. Which is amazing because it's random people who don't even know each other. I believe it's my fans, their confidence in me, their support and loyalty shows in the happiness they create in my heart for just being a part of my world. From the satisfaction I receive, even if in a small way, that I've helped someone in their journey of life.

So to answer your question, my fans mean heart to me. They mean soul and life and love.

Blessed Be
What are you working on next?
That's a great question.
I have thirty novels, some that branch into Epic novels. Besides the horror thriller that's published now, I also have books of Romance, Historical, YA Fiction, Sci Fi, and more Horror. The next series that I'm publishing will be a Historical Romance, with a unique twist. It's set in a French Village, about a French Family, and eventually ends up in Paris. Back in WWII. This series is quite large, but is gripping, amusing and at times heart breaking. I hope you all love it.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I'm not writing, or designing, as they go hand in hand, I enjoy the outdoors. I love hiking in the woods. I love bikes, (yes Harleys) four wheeling for five hours, or longer if we can fit it in a day, in the Great Canadian Wilderness. I love boating, especially deep sea. I love fast cars on the strip, and flying in planes. I want my pilot licence, and I'm working on my bike licence, too. I learned in life, if you have a fear, go out and face it. Welcome the new one. And you have adventure. I love to travel, see different cultures, learn all that I can about other countries and every time I see a plane fly, it spells freedom.
I also love gourmet cooking, as I'm a vegan, it's all natural and healthy.
Do you have any suggestions for Indie Authors who feel they just aren't getting reviews or being noticed?
Yes, I do. I think Indie Authors are a unique click of writers. We should stick together and promote one another and help one another, because at the end of the day, all we have is each other. I think sites such as Smashwords, or Create Space, or Kobo, or even Amazon should give a type of reward system to the writers for reading and honest reviewing each other. It would generate interest, we could offer our books for free if the reader is a fellow Indie Author, with the stipulation that you offer a friendly review. It would be hand and hand, we could get to know one another, and it would make the sites a lot more user friendly. The sites would have a lot more traffic due to it, as we'd be busy little bees commenting on each other, and grow in strength as a community member.
What's your thoughts?
When did you first start writing?
I've been writing since I was able to hold a crayon and my mom gave me a note pad. I was always getting straight A's in English and awards for best stories. It comes naturally, it's my outlet, it has always just been a part of me.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Definitely. When the auto vector erros stop complaining. lol. Smashwords is a wonderful place to be, they offer a free ISBN number, which is very helpful to their writers. They are the gateway to many ePublishing Giants, like Sony, Kobo, and Ipods. Their tools are user friendly. And the staff are helpful and friendly.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
My greatest joy is the finished product. When I can lay back with my eReader and see my book on the shelf all polished and ready to go. My characters. My worlds. My reality all there in black and white. Then when someone reads it, and enjoys it. It's a thrill to share my work, and the ultimate when someone really is swept away and comes back for more.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Life. Being alive and finding reasons to enjoy it. I never sit still, I don't watch tv, hardly listen to the radio. I like to be out, and when I wake up, I'm pretty much ready to go for a walk. And I do.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I don't bother with star ratings, or who has the most reviews. I love to read, and what catches my eye is the synopsis. If they can hook me in, with the first three lines, I'll read it. Just browsing in different categories, reading the opening lines, is how I discover my eBooks.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yeah it was about a mermaid, who came to play with me on the rocks.:) He was my friend, and his name was Naiad.
What is your writing process?
I dream, characters sprout in my mind, they come to life in black and white.

I did pay close attention to Harlequin Editors, who are the masters of advice. I do keep to their rules, because it's a system that works. They not only taught me how to format a manuscript, rules of thumb for word count and so on. They taught me what the ultimate keys are and how to use them, in keeping your book in check. No saggy middles. The first paragraph is your hook. Maintain your voice from first to last page. What is a voice. Don't stray off topic.

When you learn the proper tools then your writing becomes professional. Writing then becomes second hat, and the system just flows. You'd have to go on their site and read up on their advice columns to get a handle on it. But it's worth it, because they are genius.
Published 2013-09-11.
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