Interview with Yuukishoumi Tetsuwankou Kouseifukuya

When did you first start writing?
The moment I learned to hold a pen I started to scribble. Unfortunately I didn't know how to write,yet. It still drew some people that I drew and scribbled bits and pieces all around them and read them out to all the adults who looked at it.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I don't know ... there is soo much joy in writing... bringing characters to life ... watching a story grow up and walk of your desk towards your audience ... seeing the first reader smile while reading your story ...
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
It was a fairy tale about a hedgehog.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Painting and having tea with friends and/or family.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
The first story I read myself was a children's book... old print script ... bunny has a bath. I don't know what influence it had on me ... well, I loved both the pictures and the fluent wording... who knows maybe that is why I love illustrated books...
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Some very nice people I know told me that others should be able to read what I write... I argued that it would be very expensive to publish a book and they said: "Try publishing ebooks".
What are you working on next?
Right now? A graphic novel needs some finishing touches. A child book is still missing some lines. A novel is half finished. A poetry book is already finished and needs to be published. A short story cover is waiting to be cleaned... A lot to do...
How do you approach cover design?
... with ink and paper of course
What's the story behind your latest book?
A new ebook will appear soon featuring japanese fiction. It will be mostly short stories for children and older people. I am considering to add some chinese stories as well but I am still in the choose about publishing them in one ebook or several. There will also be a german ebook soon, which will be my second ebook in german. I hope you all will read my stories.
What do your fans mean to you?
I don't want fans I want intelligent people who like my art and my writing. The word fan describes a hotheaded person that acts before thinking and follows you around which is basically the same as a stalker.
Who are your favorite authors?
Peter Robinson, Agatha Christie. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child when they write together, Shakespeare, Wilkie Collins, Anne Rice, Theodor Storm, Hayato Miyasaki, Antoine de Saint Excupery,
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
What is your writing process?
I approach every topic in a different way so I can say that I have no specified process. All depends on the inspiration.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Peter Robinson 'the summer that never was' because it touches more than one difficult subject and deals with an onslaught of information in a more than difficult way.

Virgina Wolf 'Orlando' because it is a brillant approach of a timeless and unique story.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child "Still life with crows" because it deals with a favoutite topic of mine - how the view of the past changes people, nations and ideas based on the topic of nursery rhymes. Who can still figure them out today? Less and less people feel the direct connection. Some of the rhymes are hard to comprehend and sometimes it takes a month to even decide to include an idea into your own tesis.
What's your poetry about?
I like many thinks and I have many skills so to speak :-). I prefer a topic that somehow touches my heart and soul like a a good friend of mine on the web does as well, who is recently recovering as I hope, I can't visit his place right now since I am recovering myself, which is a topic in my poetry, too. Recovering from all kind of experiences.
Another big topic is the love for little things and bigger things and the biggest things of course. Not centered on romantic love though if you get my drift a path used too often for my liking.
Describe your desk
I have none.
What do you read for pleasure?
Mostly detective novels, manga, manwha, fiction and interesting topics in science.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I did grow up with my parents and grandmas mostly. I love to remain unseen in a kind of way so I try not to tell to many people my location. It is not safe to publish too much in the open parts of the internet but in modern times it is simple sort of stupid to stay out of it completely. I like my own stile and I like to play with grammar a bit it gives speech a personal touch and it gives the written word a personal touch as well. The best way to appeal to people granma once told me was to simple be yourself and to not be afraid to let others see once faults because only people that accept your faults accept the whole you. She also told me to stay away from the masses and the overcrouded paths because there are to many people lingering looking for easy money.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Until now none, I'm still searching for the best strategy. I hope to achieve something by people liking what I write only but against the big publishers and billions of new published stuff... it is hard to rise against the big guy you know.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I have not enough time to really search for ebooks. I love printed books and I genereally look for printed books. I like the strategy of smashwords and I would love them to have printed version but I understand their focused on ebooks only. So if I especially search for an ebook I do not wander to the biggest concerns but look for the content first.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
Haven't decided, yet. I prefer pdf and it is rare to be able to by ebooks in pdf so that one can read them on a normal personal computer and copy and paste stuff into your own tesis per example.
How do you create your cover?
I generally pic a picture I drew myself and add some finishing touches to fit the content. There is always a relation between title and picture which is why I absolutely want to include the picture even if it is not so easy to add it sometimes. I also prefer to add pictures to poetry but I add my own pictures and photos I took myself. If you try to be an author you should respect the rights of others I think and I respect that I only own my own pictures and written stuff.
What kind of people do you love to be around?
People that really see me in my art and that see themselves in it as well. People that respect other people. People that respect themselves. My friends, my family, the general fellow that you meet on a sunny or rainy day in a park :-)
What kind of films do you like and how do they influence your work?
I like the old films, especially the seventies as of latest. I prefer films that I know form childhood days. I can't help but say I love detective stuff. I am not a fan and not a big follower of stars but I do regard their work as great.
I adore starsky and hutch but I missed the green car instead of the red one, I plan to write something on that, I don't know under which pen name or under my real name perhaps but of course it will not be included in the title - read more helps the authors make a living :-)

I absolutely love Magareth Rutherford as Miss Marple... I like Angela Lansbury's J.B.Fletcher as a variation of Agatha Christie.

I prefer the japanese horror genre when it comes to ghost movies, I like the ocassional romance like the ghost sam.

I watched all the classics, I absolutely adore Alfred Hitchcock's works.

I love poetry that has a certain special touch.
What topic is most interesting right now?
I think I will focus on green for a while in all it's meanings for my next poetry book, I will later add newer topics to keep the interview up to newest information or at least try my best to fulfill the reader's right of information regarding my written word :-)
What do you do in between writing?
puzzles, I love all kinds of puzzles :-)
eating delicious and nutricious food - mostly nutricious as of lately until I needed to adjust my food to nutricious additions that I need to take.
a bit of knitting once in a while
sitting around with friends playing board games when my friends do have the times
reading smart novels
caring for flowers
caring for animals
loving nature - taking a stroll
watching great movies
thinking about millions of thinks to and write
Favourite metaphors - do I have them? - do I know about them?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

They kind of change depending on the topic and the kind of lifephase I am in.... right now I love green because it inspires me - green like hope, green like nature, green like financial influences of course, green like envy, greeen like freedom--- basically that's what the next book is about so I don't need to write a preview for that one ;-)
When do I talk to people?
I talk to people when they ask something of me that is both interesting for me and for them and will result in a beneficial outcome for all.

I talk to friends whenever I have the time.

I talk to family and friends of the family, always.
What do you think about the world?
I think the world is too fast at least time is too fast for me most of the time :-) I prefer to think before I act and I miss that about many topics in press and lifestyle as well as in politics.
I love nature but i respect the dangers of the wilderness and prefer to stick out of animal territories that do not like intrusion.
What is your state in the world?
I am still a student, always learning until my grades meet my expectations and I can say I learned enough to survive in the world and worked in enough places and tried enough things to earn money to know my destination - which will be art based or at least include art and writing is art for me
How do you price your books?
I try to make a living for myself in the world of books so of course I watch the prices, some stuff is priced to low for the content other stuff is priced to high I think because it lacks value. It is hard for me to add a tag to my stuff but I think I sort of orientate myself on the bookmarket but I also take in mind how much time it took to write and paint of course how much I value my stuff and a bit on how interesting it is for people to read. People read ebooks so I have small stories and books with many pages that is a influence in the price as well. Another problem is the value of books in different countries which is hard to see. In Japan for instance books are priced so high people can hardly pay for them at all, western stuff nearly throws people in financial trouble. In Germany books are sold at different prices my real published book for example sold about 50 a year but I did not earn money by it being sold because the publisher wanted it to sell at least hundred times a year for me to earn money which is why I thought I try ebooks they sell all around the world, they are read by more and more people and the are easy to purchase.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords leaves many more decisions to the author than others. It also allowa the author to choose to offer your writing for free. My books are not for free. Free is only the sample if you read the whole book for free and have not bought it you should consider yourself a thief. The author has to make a living as well, too many people prefer to ignore this.
How do you do your interview?
In Smashwords smart people figured out some questions to start with that makes it very easy to concentrate and focus on what people would like to know.
I sort of excluded the more personal questions at first completely then I changed tactics according to certain experiences in the www and in real life. Sometimes it seems people can hardly belief someone is able to write more then one language properly. No there are no ghostwriters and no lectors in my life I still have to it all by myself and I like it. I publich new version of something which are getting longer sometimes because somthing new comes to mind and needs to enter the story.
It is the same with the interview I sort of felt there was something people wanted to know. I sort of feel people are actually reading this and so I keep on making up questions.

I also had one real interview for my real book on the phone which was mainly focused on commonplace stuff like where did you grow up, which friends do you have, are you married.... I wrote poetry about experiences with life I must say and I thought all the time okay when does she ask some questions that I can actually comment on. The published interview of which I never got a copy by the way, a friend of mine has one but only showed it to me once and then lost the paper consisted of three main sentences about my work that were phrased very well and actually sold stuff but I did not feel comfortable during the interview so I thought the next one I will do myself --- and that is what I try to do- tell people who I am what I do without telling too much
What inspired you for your latest books?
nature, detective conan, nursery rhymes, horror movies, chinese poetry, puzzles, Fontane, Shakespeare, a picture called c'est ci n'est pas une pomme/pipe,
Published 2016-03-24.
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