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What's the story behind your first book in Smashwords?
When I began to focus on the true Vlad Tepes in history. And it is my madness, which I care about anything, I will find more serious (but about what is hidden in a secret nobody knows, or is of interest to other people). And I found a mysterious and profound relationship between Vlad Tepes and Sultan Mehmet II Yes, I'm talking about the relationship between them. It is much more complicated that I unexpected - and marvel at what these are ignored. And I knew immediately that I had to find something to make me start with Smashword with excitement like never before.. We knew they were enemies, but what is more interesting "What do they become enemies, so they have a deep friendship--draw blood and swear to God, to be blood's brothers forever."
Blood's brothers is gay&Lesbians fiction?
In fact, the whole time I wrote, I never had these thoughts in the brain. However, when finish, I can not deny about the sexual behavior of the characters. Even I can assure everyone that the main character (Mehmet and Vlad) are a regular guy who loves women. However, there are many events that affect them both directly and indirectly, make they have relationships with men(drunk and rape). At the same time, some female characters who behave openly in love with a woman. The readers who does not like homosexuals may not be satisfied. So, you can saw this novel to the group of gay& lesbian.
If so, the relationship between Mehmet II and Vlad Tepes, is it love or friendship?
That is the problem (but the question is wonderful as well.) Their relationship is very complex, are both friends, brothers (by the Oath), and lovers!! Mehmet ever asked Vlad to marry, jealousy, and had sex with him during his time as the property of Sultan Murat II. If I say Mehmet love Vlad as brother, you might not believe (and very body in novel can't believe too). But Mehmet love him as his brother, REALLY!! He loved Vlad with his heart and loved Radu because it is the duty, which is more evident in the last book. However, he is quite poor on the expression - like Vlad is just the thing. That makes this a tragedy (history).
Are not you afraid if you make the readers have not appreciate what you are trying to present?
In fact, I was very afraid. I know what I think and fantasize about, does not match the values of many people. When they told about slash in history at the time Mehmet and Vlad alive. They are thinking slash about Mehmet/Radu And imagine about them certainly very different from my idea. Slash fans expect a beautiful of the relationship between them (you can find on the Internet, and they often communicated in the same direction). But I offer something different. And I also presented with a fairly unorthodox, even if it was just components which are not serious (I mean, I do not confirm it).
Do you believe that your work is different from the others? Why?
I think it's certainly different, though not all... For example, I chose the relationship between Mehmet/Vlad not Mehmet/Radu. Others may think I am trying to use the "reputation of Dracula" as a selling point. But the true is I am an amateur historian, who has studied the history without assigning images to be seen. It makes story of Vlad (in my view) without linked to Tepes. I get to see many of the books and the Internet overlooked. I find beauty and sweetness of Vlad, which most people put them in Radu (in imagination). On the other hand, I have seen the wisdom and strength of Radu, which many people believe they are in Vlad only... If I do not study history without prejudice. I do not find these things.
How do you approach cover design?
I started with a selection of music for fiction. Draw or paint them on paper, after absorbing the music video(of story) in my imagination. Then decorate them with Paint and PhotoScape. Of course, I'm draw and paint all by myself. And make a lot of DeviantArt. You can visit if you like.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
In fact, I'm a freelance cartoonist(My main task is to make storyboards). But in terms of publishing (designated 120 pages), I can not convey what I wanted . And I tend to be censored at any time by the editorial - when I had the idea too bizarre (or at least, they do not understand what I'm trying to convey). I wanted to imagine the independent.... However, I can not live without money to spend as well (laughs) ..Career in art, no stable enough for the living. Unless you are a favorite of society enough. If I were rich, I would not need to set the price for books. I can give for the good of my readers. And Smashword help me so much for my copy - to many forms of files for eBooks, and makes my job easier access to readers.. That is what I want to thanks for Smashword. If I do it by myself, it will not format other than PDF.
Who are your favorite authors?
Thank you for the first question, ladies and/or gentlemen. Only one name I can tell you, is "Kahlil Gibran". Because he is the only one of authors who can make me indulge in all his letters. But, that does not mean, I do not like the other authors. I like them, but not enough to use the word "favorite" because I usually do not hold on to the person. I pay more attention to their work more. That is to say, each author, they are may have both my favorite and not OK. And if I like some work, it's not mean that I would like every work of the same author.
What do you read for pleasure?
Funny or not? if I may say, "history!!!" Only by reading to find out the truth, which others do not know or a different perspective - which is not interesting for people. And yes, Manga--Dragon Ball Z
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Steel Fighter or Rockman in the form of a comic books, Using pen and papers which draws from a notebook for math. When I was about nine years old.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in several provinces when I was young. My family traveled often. Me have my experience of my way from how I build a relationship with a new house, new school, new friends (I have a few friends, and I can not remember their names and faces in most cases).
What is your writing process?
I started by looking for information about what I interested in, or am eager to write. Later, I learned what I know or down, do not forget to check out new information that I received. Once written, I have a very big storyline. After that, I will be screening the information that I do or think that may be the most likely out, compile and remix them as a primary function. Next, I read that I finished writing, to consider reasonable, especially compared to the data I have. Then I take my job to modify until I feel satisfied. Sometimes, these methods have some fun is gone, but there are many things replace, and make it completely
Describe your desk
It is very cluttered desk, it is filled with many things which can be annoying for my mother(she is a very purist).. And she tried to get it out of the way, sometimes, forcing me to make a mess. However, it is estimated that only two days. And after that, it is cluttered as it used to be. But it makes me less stressed. May be due to many things in the brain were piled on the desk.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Drawing or painting, walks(and imagination about many things). Read a book, watch TV, listen to music... And other
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Nothing special, because I find the book I want, using the key word, I think "It's related to what I want to read", even if it takes several days.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The people read my work, and agree on the identity of mind which is offered through my work.
Published 2015-06-07.
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Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 116,910. Language: English. Published: February 4, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Medieval, Fiction » Mashups
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