Interview with Yvonne Pierre

What inspired you to write “The Day My Soul Cried”?
Prior to writing “The Day My Soul Cried”, I struggled with following through with projects. I had all these great ideas and would start and as soon as it seemed like it was going to be a success, I’d run. But at the time, I didn't realize I was running from success. I was actually writing another book, but struggling to complete it.

“Why am I standing in my own way?” I asked myself. It was fear. Fear of success. I began to try to do some soul searching and from trying to figure it out for myself, “The Day My Soul Cried,” was born.
As an author, what is your writing process?
The most important part of the process for me is to visualize. I cannot write if I can’t see it. No matter what I’m writing – book or film – I have to see it from beginning to end in my mind first. To help me visualize, I typically write an outline, title and cover. What also works for me is to create a playlist of music that helps put me in the scene.
Who are your heroes?
There are so many people I admire their work ethic, passion and the message they send through their work like Martin Luther King Jr., President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Will & Jada Smith. Then there’s those who I feel are heroes like my grandmother who managed to work a 12 hour shift, raise her children, grandchildren and cooked three meals a day and if there was no way she would find a way. And I’m truly inspired by so many individuals in the disabled community. I’ve met some of the most amazing people who exceed expectations and don’t use their disability as an excuse to be held back or in a box. There are so many people I admire it’s too many to name.
You've written a book, play and film, where did the passion for writing stem from?
Writing as a whole was challenge that grew into a passion. Let me explain by going back for a second. Growing up one of my greatest challenges was reading and writing. It was so bad that when I was called to read in class I would have anxiety. Although I go into more depth in “The Day My Soul Cried,” when I graduated from high school I could barely read. When I decided I wanted to go to college I failed the entry exam the first time. A hunger for knowledge began to grow.

My passion for writing stemmed from wanting to share and inspire others through my story. During college, I was motivated to want to share my story through a film I began to write. I began to study screenwriting in the mid-1990s. A few people suggested that I write a book first. But I didn’t have any interest in writing a book at the time, but because writing a book was more challenging the passion grew. My first attempt at writing a book was a failure. I didn’t know anything at the time about publishing, distribution or storytelling. So, I took the time to not only learn how to write, but to learn and understand the publishing industry. In 2010, I launched my publishing company and first book.

My passion for writing whether through a book, stage play or film stems from the desire to tell stories that empower the audience.
Published 2013-10-23.
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