Interview with Zavia Hope Thomas

What is your e-reading device of choice?
A physical book is number one... yes I like to write in them! Next would be my computer.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Creative outside the box approach.
Describe your desk
Very Small, and antique. It is covered in colorful post-it notes.

But is not what you see that stands out to me, it is what you don't see. How many people have sat there scrawling out their joys and sorrows to a loved one. It is the air charged with all the stories held at the end of my fingertips waiting to be written. It is the silent walls around the library held within my heart waiting to enter the hands of others inviting them to journey with me in healing through the blood of Jesus Christ! It is infinite possibilities full of joy and hope stitched in faith and love by the hands of God opening the eyes of our hearts to the vastness of the storehouse of heaven!
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Growing up in western Washington caused me to fall in love with the color green and the life evident through the color! I have also fallen in love with the mountains, ocean, Puget Sound, islands and streams finding them to usher me into the throne room of God as He speaks to my heart! With beauty this breathtaking one has no words left to describe it!
What's the story behind your latest book?
Heavenly Soul Candy and Heavenly Soul Dessert books will be scattered between everything else I do. They are the evidence of God speaking to my heart as I work through challenging things in my life. Some are such blessings when they come, others are very offensive and cause me to deal with the frailties of my own humanity, and then they subject me to my choosing to obey my Lord.

It has been the healing journey through much abuse and subsequent Post-traumatic Stress Disorder that I have been blessed with the jewels of Heavenly Soul Candy and Heavenly Soul Dessert.
When did you first start writing?
In fifth and sixth grades I was writing creative stories that concerned my teachers, they were just to creative for them to understand. After all mushrooms don't really fly!

Unknowingly I was dealing with a learning disability of Attention Deficit Disorder in a time it was not yet defined. It left me with lots of painful labels plastered on me as though they defined my identity and value or lack there of. Because I could not spell and grammar made no sense at all. In addition I was a slow reader often in special education reading classes. I did not believe I could write, I did not even know if I would finish high school at times. Art and math classes I excelled at and they kept me in school, along with a few teachers who really cared.

In my early 20's God called me to write, I laughed like Sarah did when in her 90's she was told she would give birth! It was the 'NO WAY ON EARTH COULD THAT EVER HAPPEN' kind of laugh! Slowly my spelling improved along with my grammar, I took no classes and read no books on it, I tried but would end up more confused than when I started. I spent a lot of time in prayer about it, but mostly I learned to listen to God and type what He said to my heart in His gentle loving whisper. And I chose to grow through all the painful things in my life. Those times of growing were the equipping to write something of spiritual significance.

Today I still have no idea how to diagram a sentence and if asked to compete with a forth grader, they would win! It is not about what we can do, it is all about what we are willing to let God do through us no matter what others may say!
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
Seeing the power behind the words. In the words one is lead to Jesus and into the journey of healing where we find freedom from the things of this earth that appear to imprison us. They appear to imprison us because that which holds us captive is the words of the enemy and Jesus sets us free from their apparent power, that apparent power happens when we believe in the lie they are encapsulated in.
What do your fans mean to you?
I do not see fans, I see fellow sojourners through this terrain of humanity. We walk together aiding one another and sharing each others joys and sorrows. No one holds a position of greater or lessor importance than the other. I see each individual as someone I can learn from. Some teach in a delightful manner of how to do something, other may teach in a more offensive manner as to how not to do something. Sometimes the most powerful lessons are taught from the latter teachers.
What are you working on next?
I have 3-4 more Heavenly Soul Candy books ready for an editor and my first Heavenly Soul Dessert book ready as well. I also have my first book in a seven book series ready for an editor titled "The Allegory of Inndigo," book one "Abandoned" I have also started book two in this series.
If there is one thing you would like others to know what would it be?
Look at every negative thing you believe about yourself under the light of God's word and reality. You will find most of them are lies! Spoken into your life by the enemy through the mouths of others, society and the media. Take an honest look; some things we just can't do. I know I can't run fast and never will due to a birth defect in my spine, it does not mean I can't run, but I will never win a race! It is also important to know sometimes it is our enemy that points out our strength by attacking it over and over trying to make us think it is a weakness! Wisdom and discernment help us see clearly the truth from the lie, always focus on the truth it is the difference between joy and depression.
What would you suggest to your young teen self?
Find older positive people in your life, get to know them, and ask them how they stay positive. Ask them how they view success? Ask them what they truly value in life and why?

And read the question above!
Published 2015-05-17.
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